Monday, December 31, 2007


Here are some pictures from the Newbill’s fondue ‘70s party two weeks ago when Simone was visiting. Thanks for the rad time Newbills and for going to a party where you didn’t know anyone, Simone!





nothing spesh

We got back from Christmas yesterday. I don’t know why I didn’t ask off work today. Carrie said she “whole-hoggedly” wishes she had, too. Whole-hoggedly, ha ha!

David’s playing a gig tonight but this year for new year’s eve I just want to sit on the couch and I. Don't. Care. I don't even feel old, or at least I don't feel guilty about it. Maybe this is the liberation they say comes with your thirties. Maybe I'll just tell myself that.

I got two particularly exciting texts last night, one from Michelle who said Joel McHale was at Neumo’s sitting at the bar and she had talked to him for 10 minutes. Where am I when these things happen?! Then Simone texted me "I just told Jack Black about Lolly saying 'thaaaat's my life!'" (The context for that story is that Neil Hamburger says “but thaaaat’s my life” and yesterday I told Lolly “If you go on the potty you get candy” and she said “Thaaat’s my life!” Not that we let Lolly listen to Neil Hamburger but I guess she’s heard us say that random catchphrase.)

I have no more details about the Jack Black story but am anxious for them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the snuggler!

This was on Tim & Eric's Awesome Show Great Job! last night and I laughed so hard I was coughing.

safe people and boundaries

I’m finally figuring out how important it is to have ‘safe’ people around you. I’ve read these books over the last year.

Safe People by Dr.Henry Cloud. Here’s some from it:

The safe person doesn’t make you feel like either a child or a parent. He takes ownership of his life, talents and values. He wants to seek righteousness on his own, but with your consultation, not your approval. And he wants you to flourish in your life without needing his approval, even if you disagree.

You know you’re around a safe, adult person by the following characteristics:
She is not threatened by your differences.
She has standards, values and convictions she’s worked out for herself.
At the same time she doesn’t have a “right way” and a “wrong way” for everything.
She functions on at least the same level of maturity as her peers.
She appreciates mystery and the unknown.
She encourages me to develop my own values.

Here are some traits to look for in your relationships:
Are they living up to their commitments to me?
Are they here for me only when I’m here?
Do they tell me no when they don’t have time (as opposed to saying yes out of feeling pressured?)
Do they make promises they can’t keep?
Do others warn me about their pattern of relating?

Here’s a bit from this one, Boundaries and Relationships by Charles Whitfield:

The first principle is that the people from whom we may obtain assistance and feedback should be safe. We should be able to trust them to be real with us and have most of the characteristics of safe people. Safe people tend to listen to you and hear you. They accept the real you and validate your experiences and other material that you may tell them about your inner life. They are clear and honest with you and nonjudgmental of you. Their boundaries are also appropriate and clear. They tend to be direct with you and not triangle others into conflicts that may develop between the two of you. Finally, they are supportive and loyal, and the relationship with them feels authentic.

By contrast, unsafe people may not really listen to you or hear what you are actually saying, although they may pretend to do so. … They often reject or invalidate the real you and your inner life experience. They may be judgmental or false with you. They are often unclear in their communications. Their boundaries are often blurred and they may send you mixed messages. They may be indirect with you, often triangling in others when they are in conflict with you. Rather than being supportive, they may be competitive or even betray you. Overall, the relationship just feels contrived.

Not all of these characteristics are absolute…however, over time, these characteristics and others may be helpful in differentiating who is safe and unsafe.

Here are questions that this book deals with, Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud

Can I set limits and still be a loving person?

What are legitimate boundaries?

What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries?

How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy or money?

Why do I feel guilty or afraid when setting boundaries?

Aren’t boundaries selfish?

Anyway, this stuff is encouraging. I want to be a safe person and gravitate towards others who are. If everyone had better boundaries the world would be a better place, like Tommy Wiseau says.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the latest of us

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I have a dear friend who sent me this email and I asked her permission to put it at my blog - she said yes, so I thought I’d post it because it's poignant. She’s lived a lot and has a lot of heart.
In my previous marriage Stephanie, church involvement was a high priority for my husband. My parents were good people and we all were raised with church activities being an integral part of our lives. But I will never forget the one time my mother spoke to me about "being a Christian". She told me that while some professed their faith their actions were not always consistent with Christ's teachings. I saw that evolve in my marriage because my husband professed a calling but his actions spoke otherwise. Over the course of my 61 years I have witnessed others and we all of course can read or listen to all the misguided souls who use their faith as a "coat of many colors".

The biblical passage of "Faith, Hope and Charity or Love" in some texts gives us the very ground rules for following Christ. If these are not part of ones outward expression of living then from His teachings one cannot consider "them" to be Christians.

Some people do not have the capacity to express love. Some cannot by their genetic makeup- others by experience. Because I can feel and express love I cannot fathom how those that cannot must feel. How empty their lives must be. And in that case they have to fill this void with what they deem is "love" for mankind. Using the church must be how [certain people] survive themselves. And to not "suffer the little children to come unto me" must be a void that can best be described as hell on earth.

For you to have the capacity to love others, especially David, Judah and Lollie is a blessing- it is Grace. For you to love [these people] - the ability to love without reciprocation- is being Christian. While one can only want all to love them in return, I would want only the love of the innocent (pure)- and accept the attempt of love by the guilty (sinner).

I am so very sorry that [they] are this way- I truly pity them. And so must you. But, for you to "live" allow only those that truly love you into your life and rejoice in their gifts. And for those that cannot love you give them up to the Lord as only He can help them.

More later, and sent with so much agape


P.S. My stepdaughter calls me Mumsey!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

tommy wiseau speaks!

Here is an interview with Tommy Wiseau about my favorite movie at the moment! I've seen it 11 times in the past three months and we're having a screening at our house again tomorrow night. Bring your friends!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

nine years

Nine years ago today we got married in Wichita Falls, Texas.

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I'm happy to say we're still going strong.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

a whole can of black olives


Today I was absently sort of saying "Who likes to rock the party?" from that Flight of the Conchords song and Judah said eagerly "I do! I like to rock the party!"

I'm reading Slash's autobiography and it's so hard to put it down. I'm going to go back to reading it right now.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

this wishlist making thing is addictive

I think you condition yourself to not really think too much about what you want that you probably can't have and if you let yourself start to think "what if?" no ideas come at first but then they start trickling in. I can't believe I didn't put a piano in my first list. Not that we have space for it. But I'd MAKE space.

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A Rhodes would be super fun

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And maybe some Justin boots.

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and birdiful Anthropologie bedding

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Friday, December 7, 2007

silly wishlist

If Mr. Hanky came down from heaven and gave me excellent presents this is what he would give me.

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These Michael B. bands
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The Colette pattern and these radical lamps. I don't really need a Hello Kitty assault rifle but it's comforting to know they exist.

And I might as well hope...a Birkin bag or a Lanvin, either would do.

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carrie's award-winning blog

Carrie's blogging wins an award from me today. I loved this entry!

diamond hoo-ha men

Supergrass has a new side project, radical.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

favorite quotes this week

"The kids kind of do the opposite of help." - Shane, on decorating for Christmas with your kids

"I love pictures of food, it's like destructible art." - Alison

"I regret sinking down to that level of discourse. But Paris is a terrible role model and a terrible young woman. She needs to be ignored. I work with people who have 12-, 13-, 14-year-old girls who are fascinated by her. They look up to her, and that's not great. You can buy videotapes in which you can see her bejanis." - Tina Fey

"Ugh. Go send a text message." - Gregg, when disgusted

"Five minutes? That's my favorite long!" - Judah

The Hipster Olympics, this is extra funny.

Monday, December 3, 2007

but singing seems to work fine for me

Two nights ago at bedtime Lolly requested, as usual, the “cowboy song” which means Sweet Baby James. When I got to the line “now the first of December was covered with snow” I realized it was the first of December, and it had snowed buckets for the first time all year. I always sing Austin instead of Boston, like James Taylor did when I saw him in Austin way back when.

Last night she asked for the cowboy song again, and after the first verse she held her hand up and said “That’s enough. Now, Yellow Submarine.” So I sang that until she said “That’s enough mommy. Now, Blackbird.” Then after having enough of that one she said “Okay, now the cowboy song.” And I sang that one again and she flopped over and said “good night, mommy. I love you so much. We a flam-ily.”

Did you see Brad Pitt on the Today show? Me neither, but here it is, and it makes me like him quite a lot.

xmas survey

1. List one of Santa's Reindeer


2. List someone who was at the Nativity


3. List your favorite verse from The 12 Days of Christmas

Fiiiiive golden riiiiiings!

4. List your favorite Christmas song

What Child Is This?

5. List some piece of Santa's outfit

Hat. That one was dumb.

6. List your favorite Holiday Party game

Do A Shot When Someone Says “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

7. List the thing you dread most about Christmas


8. List your favorite dish as part of the Christmas Dinner

Red Velvet Cake

9. List your favorite childhood gift

Cabbage Patch Kids

10. List your favorite Christmas movie

Miracle on 34th Street

11. List a character from A Christmas Carol


12. List the average number of Christmas cards you usually send out

Like a hundred

13. List your favorite thing to find in your stocking


14. Approximately how old were you when you found out Santa was not real?

I was never told he was real in the first place

15. List the number of people you usually buy Christmas gifts for

20? I don't know.

16. List the date you usually COMPLETE your Christmas shopping

Dec. 23

17. What is on top of your Christmas tree?

A picture of Ralph Nader

Sunday, December 2, 2007

need fema's help

David is in California and I'm a single parent for the weekend. This morning Judah piled so much toilet paper in the toilet it got clogged and then I discovered Lolly with a paintbrush and vaseline, she had painted her hair and also the wall (with vaseline). After a Surprise Bath she ran naked upstairs and I let her because I was exHORSTed, then she came back downstairs covered in Cool Whip, and the couch was covered in cool whip too.

That wasn't even half of it. I texted David and told him to get a vasectomy on his way home.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

snow day and extremely specific pancake requests

Attempted Spongebob pancake
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Attempted Squidward pancake
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Snowing. Judah said somberly, “It’s beautiful.” Lolly said “It’s snowing time!”
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Friday, November 30, 2007

making southern women look dumb

I'm hope I'm smarter than Kellie Pickler.

And the host is a choad. Is that Jeff Foxworthy? I'm not real sure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the tender cinnamon magic machine that produced hannah montana

Happy birthday dear David. David’s the best, and I think he’s super funny. Here is an example for the people at home. He was asked this probably-unintentionally-amusing question about this song: “Who do you think could learn the most from the song? or who do you think needs to hear its message? It'd be great if you could give me five-ish individuals, people groups, types of people, or whatever who you think could learn the most.”

And here is what he said, I thought it was funny.

If, during the holiday season, you have ever confessed to your significant other, “I am so in love with you my debit card is getting hot and tingly,” or “When I saw the deep discounts at Abercrombie, I wanted to lick the chai nog latte off of your hummingbird tattoo,” then this song is for you.

We think the message is one of seasonal Jesus-y hope, romantic joy, and soap dropped in Sam Walton’s shower.

With this song Tennis Pro extends our down-home brand of holiday wishes and/or stinging rebuke to:

1. Lovers in reindeer sweatshirts all around the world who show up at the mall with folding chairs and a cooler.
2. The tender cinnamon magic machine that produced Hannah Montana.
3. The fine makers of Skyy Vodka.
4. KING 5 news anchor Jean Enerson.
5. Anyone who has been in a Car Toys store, like, ever.
6. Moist 106.9 FM, “Where the Christmas Spirit is running down our leg.”
Julie just sent me these turkey pics she took at Thanksgiving, I hope my vegeterian and vegan friends will forgive me.

radio love/hate

Driving home a familiar song came on and I couldn’t remember what it was so I was waiting for the singing to start. It sounded like it might be “Crazy” by Seal and reminded me of 1992 and I was in the mood to hear that one. The intro was taking forever, then STING STARTED SINGING! It was “if I ever lose my faith in you” and I felt violated for having listened to it for as long as it did when it was Sting. Then I wondered why I felt so violated. Maybe I should ask TheRapist about this. Maybe she'll say "Cause you were listening to Sting."

Monday, November 26, 2007

trent lott fallout

Can you Republican senators please quit teabagging each other for two minutes until you at least get out of office? What are you so scared of, dealing with nasty ugly reality and parts of yourself that don't fit into a nice neat religious and political framework? I know, me too.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


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tashes to the fore
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bobby & julie came up from san francisco
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red velvet cake
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turkey neck
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she said "it's boo-ful"
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davy & mexican coke vs. the judah paparazzi
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julie vs. paps
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david's birthday cake
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thxgvg, y'all!

This Canadian PSA is for real. Watch with caution.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

fried butter balls

I went looking for turkey gravy instructions and came across Paula Deen's fried butter ball recipe. I still can't believe it's real because Carrie and David have this thing with making fun of her and saying "Coming up next, my butter-soaked butter balls with butter au jus." I didn't think she'd actually made them! I hope she makes fried Crisco balls next. I just love Paula. I fancy myself her bastard child. I made her 7-layer red velvet cake tonight, for Thxgvg tomorrow. Judah tasted the batter and said "I think it tastes a bit perfect." Then when he saw all the layers he said "Oh my super gosh! I don't want to say this, but...that looks super yummy. I want to say a bad word or something."

I heart Thanksgiving. Macy's day parade, chex mix, devilled eggs, and the onslaught of food and the first day of playing Christmas music. Oh and let's not forget Black Friday. I put a song about it at my myspace, "the biggest shopping day of the year" from the record "Are you there, God? It's me, Tennis Pro." I'm thankful for my sanity (what there is of it) and my continence. These are easy to take for granted, but seriously, what if you didn't have either of them? Thank you Jesus in the sky for sanity and continence the world over! And for corndogs.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mark driscoll's glory hole

The Stranger ran this article about Mark Driscoll. John told me it’s probably not good for my blood pressure to be reading this stuff. I’m repulsed and yet I can’t look away!

David came in here and said "Let's watch Hot Fuzz" and I said okay and THEN Oprah came on and it is the holiday special favorite things episode! (said in Oprah's hollering voice) where she gives away shitloads of the raddest prizes ever! David moaned with misery and collapsed onto the floor while I jittered with joy. Just the sound of Oprah's voice pains him.

Here is your new favorite video, I know it’s mine!

Monday, November 19, 2007

i think john madden has a man-crush on brett favre

Carrie told me she saw a DVD of Eurovision, which is kinda like American Idol in Europe (annual singing competition with an entry from each country) and this is a clip of it. I'm not afraid to say that it made my day.

We saw No Country For Old Men on Friday and it was amazing. I've never been more tense in a movie. But the ending was too David Lynch-ish for me, or I am not cerebral and arty enough.

I think I'll also make my Savannah High Apple Pie for Thanksgiving. Because I don't think we have enough food already. I'm going to have to start cooking tonight to get a start on it and then I hope we don't run out of room in the fridge for it all. Someone told me that this is more cooking than people up here usually do for Thanksgiving. I guess you can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl. And once you go black, and it's all fun and games...and all that.

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Check out my pie, it's big enough to choke a mule, wouldn't you say?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Judah & David talk about God

David: God is omnipotent. That means he can do anything he wants to do.

Judah: Can he eat all the junk food he wants?

David: Yes.

Judah: Can he stretch his tongue over his head so far that it touches his butt?

David: Hmm...

Judah: Can he tie his penis in a knot?

two gay guys fighting in the middle of a highway

Friday, November 16, 2007

tiffani-amber lesion

I don't know why I've been writing here so much lately, it must be extra boring at work. Anyway, as some of you know I make a mix cd every month, yes, every month with the timed precision of the mortgage payment and a pregnancy scare. I've finished my November mix and now I want to figure out how to load it onto iTunes so people can partake at will...but I'm too tired.

Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix) by Scenario Rock
Koka-Kola Veins by The Tough Alliance
No Diggity by Klaxons
Guava by Ray Rivera
So Lonely Without You by Betty Crutcher
Slippin' Into Darkness by War
Scythian Empires by Andrew Bird
Good To Sea by Pinback
Melody Day by Caribou
Nantes by Beirut
On Call by Kings of Leon
Shabop Shalom by Devendra Barnhart
I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration by Jens Lekman
Let's Call It Off by Peter Bjorn & John
Maybe Lately by Miracle Fortress
Anemone by Brian Jonestown Massacre
Higher Than The Sun by Primal Scream
Void by The Mary Onettes
Don't You Evah by Spoon
Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger (mashup) by A Plus D
Paper Planes by M.I.A.

Lara said she hates her algebra class and I said I hated algebra too, and then she went "How did YOU get through college, anyway?" She was very serious and it was so funny. It's a good question, actually. And I finished in 4 years, isn't that supposed to be an anomaly? I don't know how that happened. Then Lara made a list of why she is surprised I graduated.
reasons how i am astonished that you got thru college:
you hate people telling you what to do, you hate getting up early, you hate homework, you can always find something better to do, you would rather talk about makeup, you often have a hard time finding places (classrooms) even if you have been there before.....

Look it's Rainn Wilson in a rumpled suit on a plastic toy making me choke from laughing!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm so excited about Thanksgiving, Bobby & Julie are coming up from San Francisco and I can't wait. During a meeting at work today I drew all the stuff I'm going to cook so I could get a visual. Here's the meeting handout I drew on, I'm going to show you what a dork I am just in case you weren't clear.

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We've been writing down what we're thankful for and putting it in a jar and at Thanksgiving dinner we'll read them. Tonight Lolly said she is thankful for Addie's birthday party that is coming up, and Judah "I'm thankful for our house...and turkey...and Bobby and Julie coming here.'

Simone has been thinking up new Harry Potter Jelly Belly flavors which I guess are gross, the Harry Potter thing is one of the few bits of pop culture I'm not really interested in, but anyway David came up with some flavors of his own and they made me laugh so hard I was coughing. Here are my personal favorites of his:

German Shepherd

Cream of Federline

Aluminum Fork

Dysen-Teri Schiavo


Flintstone Vitamin

Tuna Melt

Yellow Curry

Wet Cigar

Aspirin Schnapps

Shower drain hair clump

Warm jog bra

Lee Press-On nail

Throbbing Diaper

Underwear Sand

Seaweed 'n Foreskin

Retirement Home Bathwater

Moth Flitting in Ranch Dressing

Meatloaf Dishrag

Soiled Cucumber

Tiffani-Amber Lesion

Vulture Yogurt

Pants Pudding

Productive cough

Nicole Ritchie

what do you get when you cross elton john with a sabre-tooth tiger?

Simone sent me this picture of Jack Black picketing in Judah’s favorite Neil Hamburger shirt.

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Here's Judah wearing his.

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He wishes I would allow him to wear it to kindergarden.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm the pterodactyl whisperer

We were watching Flight of the Conchords and they have a superfan who stalks them and annoys them like crazy. I saw myself in her and started saying “Oh no, Supergrass hates me.” Then the stalker’s husband said from the car “Can we go now honey? It’s cold out here.” David said “Ha ha, that's you and Supergrass, and that is totally me sitting in that car!” But I know he likes them as much as I do, he is just not vocal about it. He said “I wonder what Supergrass thinks about their three biggest fans being two married chicks and a lesbian?” (meaning me and the two other psycho uber fans we know.) We decided that their girlfriends are probably happy about it. (Here is a clip of Flight of the Conchords, their stalker appears about 2 ½ minutes into it.)

My coworker who used to be a barista told me today to order a chai latte made with egg nog. I cannot wait to try this. Chai nog! I just love the word nog. Okay, this his how she said to order it: a tall (or whatever size), no water, eggnog chai tea latte please. Ha ha, she specified to say please. I never say chai tea, just chai cause I figure that means tea so it seems like saying "chai tea" is like saying "PIN number" or something. Hmm. I have to ask her about my paranoia of asking for lattes to be 130 degrees. It won't burn your callow mouth parts at 130 degrees, but I'm afraid of being the harried uppity soccer mom bossing around the barista with a million tiny coffee specifications while she's trying to contain her Heelys-wearing kids and herd them into her Yukon.

Carrie just told me about this Texas restaurant in Ballard! Nilla wafer banana pudding and barbecue breakfast tacos! And they have Shiner Bock! I’ve never found that anywhere up here and it's the only beer I really like. I like the quote about their chicken fried steak: “You have to tenderize the living shit out of it.” And also cook it in Crisco, I say. I don’t tenderize it myself but I have the butcher run it through the cuber. That makes sure it’s perfect. Yee haw!

mommy all-time career high

I got the best letter from Rilian's preschool teacher. She goes to Judah's old preschool and he's a big kindergardener now, but he didn't have school yesterday so he helped out at preschool. His teacher sent me this and I'm so happy I just have to post it.

I was going to email you about Judah. We loved having him help in class today! He came in with the attitude, "I'm a helper. I'm not here to play." Erin dumped rice all over the floor and Judah spend forever sweeping it up. He kept asking what he could do. At circle time he answered questions about Joseph and his colorful coat and when we were singing the younger kids kept looking at him as their example. He was so grown up! I remember his first day of preschool when he and Eowyn dumped cornmeal all over the floor and jumped up and down in it. He's come full circle! And his feet are almost as big as mine! (Quite the stylish shoes by the way.)
I don't know if Rilian told you but Erin pulled the back of her hair today. At circle time Rilian wasn't sitting on her animal spot so Erin was trying to get her to sit using unconventional methods. It didn't even seem to faze Rilian. You can tell she's used to being around other kids because she's definitely not a wimp and sticks up for herself.
You and David have done such a great job with your kids. You should be proud!

Monday, November 12, 2007

learned helplessness

Lee said this today and it was so funny and timely.

Learned helplessness is nasty, pervasive, and tiring to deal with. And I'm probably being generous in my application of the label—rather than true learned helplessness, sometimes people just want the world to participate in their fixations and narcissism, making any deviation from the pictures in their heads into incomprehensible, insurmountable obstacles.

Prescription: high dosage of Cope & Deal, with a tall glass of Shut The Hell Up to be ingested until said dosage takes full effect.

I want to be better at identifying harmful people. The line is blurry for me but I'm trying to get better. Why can't I just STOPPIT!?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

stop it!

This picture was at pink is the new blog…what in God’s holy name is David Beckham doing to that guy’s shorts??

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This video about therapy is funny. It must be so hard for therapists to not actually do that.

Friday, November 9, 2007

supergrass side project to gig in london

I wish I could make it to at least one of these.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

quote of the day

Yesterday David said, "I've douched with things more manly than Mark Driscoll."

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

nelly/the office mash-up

Blood alone moves the wheels of history!

Monday, November 5, 2007

fall back

My favorite holiday is Daylight Savings Time in the fall when we gain an hour and ever since I’ve had kids I DON’T GET TO USE IT TO ITS POTENTIAL! The kids get up an hour earlier than usual and I can’t sleep in. I can’t do a damn thing but make breakfast and find the Perfect Cartoon to suit them. Maybe it's not my favorite holiday anymore.

I was just rifling through the front desk candy bowl along with another lady who plucks all her eyebrows out and when it's her birthday she buys herself birthday cards that she makes everyone sign. (Her name is Mavis.) But that's not the point of the story. The point of the story is she held up a Peep and said "What the hell is this?" and Verna, a disgruntled, ahem, OLDER lady who has tall hair and is perpetually pissed off said "I don't know and if I don’t know what it is I don't eat it!" I grabbed two Peeps and hightailed it out of there.

OMG how much do you hate the bathrooms at work? I feel so violated by the smell of poop that smacks me in the face whenever I go in there. There are something like 300 women that work on my floor and only 4 stalls in the bathroom. I guess it manages to stay reasonably clean considering, but I just hate hate hate the concept so much. Carrie and I talk about "bowl blasters," people who fart unashamedly into the toilet bowl and the sound swirls around and echoes fantastically. I try so hard not to look at their shoes or anything so i won't be able to identify the bowl blaster and have to think about them farting everytime I see them in the hall.

The Tiddy Bear informercial is good times.

thoughts on the mark driscoll video below

David said this about the Mark Driscoll video on the "chickified church":

Remember when King David banged that hot chick that wasn't his wife. That was bad ass. Way less chickified than when he weeped and cried and felt sorry about it.

Remember how Jesus treated women as equals in his healing and ministry, even though it was culturally unacceptable. That was so.... oh wait. That was pretty chickified.

But remember when the manly pharisees were so innovative as to drag that adultress out of bed and bring her to Jesus and Jesus told them that the person without sin should cast the first stone. That was pretty manly... or wait. That was weak. What a chick thing to do.

David's best friend Rich said this about it:

Yeah! Mark Driscoll is so right! Like the time when Jesus was such a weakling and told Peter to put down his sword and the time he let people kill him in an undignified way instead of pulling out an uzi and busting up shit up on their Roman and religious asses! I think that really hurt our faith...Well...I guess it was before our faith begun, but maybe it is Jesus' fault for beginning our faith with an act of weakness and LOSING - how lame! And why when they were accusing him was he so silent. He should have bitch slapped those mofos. Blessed are the meek my ass! That must of been a scribal error. Blessed are the meek. Tell that to Iraqis! Ha! Blessed are the poor. Yeah, whatever. Ever been to Darfur? Way to go Driscoll! DUDE!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

mark driscoll makes the baby jesus cry

I'm sad that this man is the pastor of a big church.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloweiner

My pumpkin, I accidentally severed the spiderweb and the tip of the cat tail and made its back wonky. I was cussing this pumpkin from start to finish.

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Going trick or treating

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The motherlode

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The Ansels’ living room shelf

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Hilarious dog expression

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Little spider & Petunia

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