Saturday, March 27, 2010

little conversation with david dark

Yesterday I was direct messaging on twitter with David Dark and it made my day, I wanted to immortalize it here because I lurve his writing so very very very very very much.

oh wow. i see you've got the beliefnet gig. congrats. if anyone round there'd like to pay me to blog. do let em know i'm game.

I'm amazed they let me blog on there considering I make fun of Fox News, their parent company.

that's my publisher (zondervan) too. i think newscorp doesn't care so long as people are buying/clicking/watching. les simpsons for instance.
patti smith's poetry as well.

Yes! Les Simpsons makes me think Fox is covertly apocalyptic

or someone's doing prophetic work on babylon's payroll. i 'spect it's always worked this way.

It seems like the most fitting way

and the most...biblical. often the most immediate (and sustainable) means for critiquing Nebuchadnezzer I imagine.

I wanted to say it's a delight to tweet with you since your books make me weep with new hope, comfort and comraderie. Thanks for everything!

a delight for me too. thanks for saying so.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the retribution

An update on the comment thread on Facebook wherein I was called an idiot (Adam still hasn't responded fyi). The thread meandered along with people saying nice things about Fox News and a few not nice things to me. After awhile I decided to play my trump card and I thought I'd share it here for any sympathizers' enjoyment and of course some schadenfreude. I wrote on the thread with UTMOST maturity (sarcasm there):

"Y'all ready for this? I'm actually on the Fox News payroll. Their company
Beliefnet asked to host my blog in which I write about conservatives, because I
used to be one of you. I know you better than you know yourselves! And I get to
write about it all in my Big Famous Blog® and cash Fox checks for dissecting the
conservative Christian thought process. Isn’t the universe strange? ANYhow, I’m
sure you all will massively enjoy my thoughts on it, because they’re all your

Then I linked to my blog. THAT’LL show them. Or it will at least bring me some traffic.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

best chocolate chip cookies ever

I found the best recipe for boutique-bakery-caliber chocolate chip cookies. They're better than Toll House, better than America's Test Kitchens, better than any I've ever made and I've made a bloody lot. The recipe is here!

I took pictures of the beautiful cookies like Pioneer Woman. They were just so purdy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stacey roger's major IBS attack and how she shared it with facebook

I love awful Facebook updates and I love Lamebook and WTF Christians for that reason. Three of my friends and I pass around the worst updates from our Christian friends who love to update about their hot godly husbands and how long their kid napped today. It's how we deal. So today J. sent this one which I believe takes the Facebook cake of all statuses I've seen, and she included the responses from people. I am delighted that two people "liked" it.


Stacey Rogers Major IBS attack....I love how my husband takes care of me when I am sick.
2 people like this.
Jennifer Pruitt IBS? I feel lame for not knowing what that is. I should since I know you. :-( Glad your sweet hubby was there for you.
Stacey Rogers Irritable Bowel Syndrome...I lovely gift from my Mom's side of the fam. I have been changing my eating habits and eating a lot of salad...last night we had salad and mom said I probably over fibered myself. Anyway..heading to bed...worn out at least the pain has let up a wee bit.
Jennifer Pruitt Oh thats right. Sorry I forgot. Sorry you are suffering from it too. Poor thing. Be better for Saturday. I wanna visit with you.

another installment in my jessica simpson affinity

I know very well that by general consensus Jessica Simpson sucks and she's cheesy and says dumb things, but maybe that's why I like her. She seems like someone I'd hang out with back home, and she's a southern preacher's kid like me. Ergo, I like her and everyone makes fun of me. And that's okay. I'm going to add some fuel to your fire by showing you my new earrings I got that are Jessica Simpson brand and they're gigantic like Texas. Don't be too jealous.

Monday, March 8, 2010

best story ever

My friend Greg sent me this and I'm going to hell for loving it so much.

"Matt's boyfriend's mother's secretary lives in a small town in Iowa and she has a grown mentally challenged son living with her. And when I say grown, I'm talking like 6'3". Well, yesterday her son kept calling her at work saying "MOM!! I caught a TROLL!!!" and then hanging up. After about the fifth time, she told her boss that it's probably nothing but she should go home and check on her son.

When she got home she saw her bemused son crouched in front of the closet door, scooting Skittles underneath and clapping. She thought to herself that it was probably nothing but decided to open the door just in case. Upon opening the door she discovered a terrified midget/little person wearing a Census Volunteer badge. Apparently he had been walking around the neighborhood making sure everyone got their census forms.

True story."

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I forgot to write about my birthday! It was on February 9 and I turned 35. Yips, I'm 35! Book em Dano, I'm 3-5. Now I can be president.

presents from the kids and drawings by Lolly

David took this of me getting ready and I didn't know it

My cake, with Listerine in the background as ghetto liquor courtesy of Ben & Mel Parsons

Cake is my favorite food and I always make my birthday cakes myself because I don't trust it to anyone else. Except Costco. I LOVE Costco cake.

My birthday mug from Jason, he wrote my second favorite scene from The Room on it. The actual scene can be seen here.

My lovelies! Michele, Chrissy, me, Sheree, Jason, Davy, Carrie and Jose.

David gave me these glasses for my birthday, but that is Zooey wearing them here

Yay birthday! I wish you all could have come over. When I am President (which I can be because I'm 35 now) I will fly us all to Mexico for a month and we'll stay in a resort I'll pay you for your lost wages and we will just lie around and eat cake and play Uno. xoxoxoxo