Thursday, January 31, 2008

tube entertainment

The other day London commuters got out of their seats and busted out "Thriller" and then sat down like nothing happened.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

silly, silly astrology

Once upon a time I ordered an astrology book. When it came in the mail David said “I can’t believe you spent money on that! That’s like buying a Ouija board!” I said “But astrology gets personality traits right” and he said “You know why that is, don’t you? Because of the devil.” He is such a Sagittarius. Anyway, I think astrology is fun because the personality assessments are right. Because of the devil. I don’t pay attention to what day-by-day stuff is and what it says you should do when, but the personality stuff is so intriguing. My coworker Alecia (Capricorn on the Aquarius cusp) and I plotted out our planets, Alecia’s way into it and knows what everything means and when we first met she thought I was a Pisces. I’m an Aquarius but my rising (ascendant) sign is in Pisces and whatever your rising sign is is the impression you give when people first meet you. Seeee? Huh? Huh? It’s true! Ha ha. I plotted out my planets yesterday at this site and it was fun. It’s extremely silly that the positioning of a planet would affect someone’s personality, and what’s the time of birth distinguishing what the planets to you? If anything I’d think it would be at conception. Logically and scientifically astrology is total b.s. But why is it so right on? Probably the devil again. That tricky devil.

And all of you cynics and naysayers and people who say this sparks a long, slow slide into the occult can take a bite of my big black caucus.

So here are my planets and what they mean to my personality. I feel ever so much more in touch with myself.

My Sun sign (main sign) is Aquarius.

Traditional Aquarian Traits:

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual
Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached

LIKES: Fighting for Causes, Dreaming and Planning for the Future, Thinking of the Past, Good Companions, Having Fun

DISLIKES: Fake Promises, Excessive Loneliness, The Ordinary, Imitations

My moon is in Aquarius. The Moon is said to rule your personality, while the Sun rules your individuality. The Sun influences our total self or our personality. The Moon represents the more of our inner world of feelings and emotions, and how we feel about ourselves.

Traditional traits: Sociable, Perverse, Independent, Altruistic, Demanding, Unflappable

My ascendant is in Pisces.
Your rising sign is your physical self or the face you present to the world. For example, though your Sun sign might be Taurus, your rising sign could very well be Gemini. While you're feeling laid-back, others will tend to see you as a ball of nervous energy and cerebral wit. At times, your rising sign may act as a mask, hiding some aspect of your inner self you don't feel like revealing.

Traditional traits: "Go with the flow" seems to be a Pisces rising motto. Although often quiet and shy, another day may find them talkative and passionate. They are hugely impressionable, have a dreamy disposition, and project a soft-hearted personality. Resists any kind of labeling. Theirs is a restless, searching nature that cannot be happy with any one way of living or being. Too much organization or structure can be seen as very limiting. Pisces rising people walk around with their heads in the clouds, and even when you do have their attention, their dreaminess is almost always apparent. They seem to need a practical, realistic partner. Pisces rising people often possess an irresistible charm that comes on in a quiet way, with a soft aura about them. Both their appearance and mannerisms are usually quite intriguing.

My Mercury is in Aquarius. (So much Aquarius going on with me…)
Mercury is the planet of communication.

People with their mercury in Aquarius generally come across as intellectual sorts. They think in abstract terms and can be quite argumentative, but their emotions are not necessarily behind these arguments. They simply look for intellectual stimulation. They are adept at taking overviews of situations, and are particularly concerned about how everyone and everything relates to each other. They have many interests, can be objective and detached in their thought and communication processes, and may be inclined to think more than act.

This position of Mercury strengthens the intellect, gives a good memory and a strong comprehensive mind capable of much hard work. Intuitive insights and original reasoning ability produce the occasional touch of genius - you often comprehend issues that others find quite incomprehensible. Your mind is open to any new experiences; subjects such as metaphysics, occultism, astrology, technology and science will have intellectual appeal. You enjoy the mental stimulation of friendships and function best within a group environment. This position often denotes mental and educational activities in the home. Parents are likely to be well educated or place an unusually high priority upon learning. This position may relate to changeable home conditions or in some way, a nomadic life-style. Being somewhat high-strung and easily irritated, you may find it hard to relax.

My Venus is in Pisces.
Venus is the planet of love and money.

You are capable of a high degree of refinement your love and caring for other people. You may "collect" people who are in difficulties, and whom you wish to help. You enjoy music and may be a musician. Through music you can transcend the material and seek transcendence.

Venus in Pisces indicates a romantic, gentle, compassionate, sympathetic, sensitive and idealistic emotional nature. A born romantic, you will genuinely marry for love - not money or prestige. A strong partner is needed to give you emotional stability and security.

Venus in the fifth house produces an attractiveness to the opposite sex, a very appealing romantic nature, and a general love of life. You are well liked and have a deep love of children, and you should make an excellent parent or child advocate. Creative talent in the performing arts is often associated with this placement.

My Mars is in Capricorn.
Mars is the planet of passion.

You are extremely energetic and can keep going even when others have called it a day. You are a great organiser, ambitious and a workaholic. You can be unkind to those you think do not follow procedures or whom you consider lazy. You are ambitious, but realistic and follow methods that are tried and true. You are very enterprising but you start new enterprises with prudence and reserve, rather than impulsively.

Mars in Capricorn indicates that you will assert yourself in a practical, rational, self-controlled, disciplined, well-organised, persistent, structured, effective and efficient manner. Conventional and conservative, much of your energy is channelled into professional ambition and social advancement - you like to see practical results for your efforts and take pride in doing a job correctly. On occasion you can be calculating, selfish, materialistic and show a total disregard for others.

The Mars third house placement denotes an aggressive, active intellect. You are quick thinking and resourceful, but you sometimes jump to conclusions a little too quickly. Your speech is direct and sharp. You are apt to get into arguments with family members, and when you do, you are not the least bit shy about pointing out their personal deficiencies. You are always rushed. In matters of the mind, you are highly competitive.

My Jupiter is in Pises.
Jupiter is the planet of luck. (Luck is about as logical as astrology, right?)

You are a mystic as well as a philanthropist. Your faith, devotion, and trust in a Higher Order sustains you, and you draw protection from the unseen realms. Part of your soul function has to do with work on the inner planes through prayer and meditation.

Jupiter in Pisces gives you the opportunity to develop true wisdom, compassion, sympathy and emotional warmth. Devout feelings, spiritual yearning, strong imaginative and intuitive faculties and the capacity for secluded study and meditation may produce genuine mystical enlightenment. These qualities are necessary in order to expand your personality and life experiences. At some stage of life you may make a great personal sacrifice in order to fulfill your ideal of worthwhile service.

You are able to proceed through life very much on the strength of your character. While life is essentially an enjoyment for you, you are apt to feel an inner drive for personal expression and the need to make a contribution to society. Jupiter in the fifth house often produces success in teaching, politics, the ministry, or in the entertainment business. Often, this placement denotes a rather large family or a significant association with children.

My Saturn is in Cancer.
Saturn is the planet of karma.

In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with emotional strength and control in order to gain a real sense of self-worth. Inhibitions, hypersensitivity and early emotional instability will have to be overcome, and much effort will be required in order to fully understand your emotional, feeling nature. Life experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the above issues and many domestic, family and romantic confrontations will have to take place to help hasten the restructuring process. Emotional security and self-acceptance will eventually come from a true knowledge of self and an ability to focus inwardly, away from the emotional dependency of others.

Saturn in the ninth house of higher education, philosophy, religion and travel denotes a stable and practical philosophy of life. The placement explains the chief reason that you are probably not one who can easily accept concepts such as astrology. You are highly orthodox in religion, education, and business. You hold to both the letter and spirit of the law. You are very exacting and focused, possessing very strong administrative skills, especially in the fields of religion, education, publishing, or the law. You are likely to be politically conservative.

My Uranus (huh huh) is in Scorpio.
Uranus is the planet of rebellion.

You have the ability to receive intuitively from the planetary mind new ways to substantially transform the society as it is presently operating, especially on a worldly and sexual level. Disruption occurs by holding on to outmoded ideas.

Uranus resides in the first house exerting its erratic behavior in the personality. This placement suggests that you may often be said to "march to a different drummer." Individuality is very strong in your nature, and you want freedom in your personal behavior. People may view you as eccentric, very unusual, or preferably, somewhat advanced. You are eccentric in many ways, and common sense doesn't always figure in your actions. The positive side of this placement is that you are very inventive, but a willful nature and impulsiveness restrict your progress and effectiveness.

(I don't really pay attention to the last two planets cause everyone born within 100 years have them. And one of them isn't supposed to even be a planet anymore.)

Hey, did you know that ligers are REAL? I didn't.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

cheeseburger in a can

The Germans finally did it! The apex of civilization! You can order it here but for some reason they only ship within the European union. You mean of all places it's the Americans who can't get canned cheeseburgers? Sometimes the universe just doesn't make sense.


have coffee with jesus

Bobby doctored my picture of coffee and gave it a spiritual touch. I replied to him "LOLOLOLOLOL!" like a gaylord. Ha ha get it, gayLORD?


for your health!

In case you haven’t seen it, “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!” on Adult Swim combines sketch comedy with a love of low-budget public access television. Here’s a clip with special guest John C. Reilly.

for lolly's room

I just ordered these pictures from this girl. I love everything she makes. Thanks for the tip, Jen & Ann-K!



Sunday, January 27, 2008


Jen & Ann-Krestene took a picture every hour for one whole day, so today I decided to try it. Here goes -
















3,000 minute meals

I updated my recipes blog after it lay dormant for 4 months. I decided to forego scanning the dang recipes and just type the sons of bitches, works much quicker this way. Have at em!


Caroline Kennedy wrote this article about why she thinks Barack Obama would be a president like her father.

Friday, January 25, 2008


This day started off great cause Lolly and I went to the 5 Spot to meet Jason Railey, an old friend from Austin who was here in town for a day. I love the 5 Spot and I love old friends from Texas. Later on though Judah and I started feeling sick, so now we're lying around being sickly sans daddy (he's working this weekend). J and I are lying on the couch taking turns whining almost like we're trying to out-do each other, we're like dueling banjos.

Barack gave the Top Ten list last night.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a prospect

I got this email from my counselor (TheRapist) today about a group session she is going to lead. I am intrigued but also scared of what this could lead to for me, having to feel so much more than I want to...but for the greater good. Hmm. I thought about doing this a year ago but didn't have the time or the emotional space then. I think I might have those things now but if I'm going to do this I also have to be brave and that is always scary.
I wanted to let you know about a new Story Group starting at the beginning of February. In the group we will explore questions such as: How do the stories of your life impact who you are? What can you learn from your stories of tragedy and loss? What is the larger story that your life is telling?

The group is for those who want to reflect on the stories of their past, particularly painful stories, for the sake of learning to love more deeply. Our most painful stories involve disruption of relationships. In response to this, we learn to relate to people in ways that can be self-protective and harmful. As a counselor, I see this group as a wonderful way to interact with people and learn from them how you impact others. Engaging in this group will give you the opportunity to create a community of people who will both encourage you in your journey and interact with you on the ways you are thwarting your own growth....I look forward to hearing from you and, perhaps, walking for a little way with you on your journey.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ha ha ah aha ha hahaahaaa

Jerry O'Connell making fun of that insane Tom Cruise interview and basically ripping Tom a new one. Oh my ga it's so funny!!!

the sin of sloth

Yesterday in Starbucks a man ahead of me in line was reminding me of Javier Badim, the killer dude in No Country For Old Men. (I only know that guy’s name because he’s in Us Weekly all the time sitting on beaches with Penelope Cruz.) He was looking around purposefully just like in the movie and I was getting progressively frightened-er of him as we stood around waiting for coffee. Then he suddenly lunged towards me! I gave a whimpery screech but he didn’t kill me, just gave me a compliment. I was relieved, and then tortured by whether I should be flattered by this or even more freaked out.


I’m already plotting the weekend because I need to get my sloth on. But how can I sloth around with all the activites I’ve plotted? When I’m slothing I want to be doing projects and when I’m doing projects I want to be slothful. It sucks. Well, while I’m tormenting myself about being horizontal and nonproductive, I will think about these things I want to do: crochet my brother a blanket, make bagels from scratch, pet some wiener dogs, drive out to Snoqualmie, read A Perfect Mess, watch The Great Escape, track down and buy that ‘80s song that goes “take a look at me nowwww…something something...just the memory of your face” that someone sang on the American Idol auditions last night, make my January mix cd and study for my credentials exam. Yup, studying is last on the list. It is so last. I want to overcome my apathy about it, but how?


Monday, January 21, 2008

my favorite lipstick, mac 'ruby woo' meets its demise







a two-birthday week

Chet, Judah & Flora at J's party. C & J like to say very solemnly, "We're best friends."


Preschool cupcakes for the girl


She was sick on her birthday


We had to cancel her party but I made her a Dora cake


Before chalkboard paint


After chalkboard paint


Sunday, January 20, 2008

beat it cover

Gaz & Danny from Supergrass covering "Beat It." (just drums & guitar, White Stripesey.) Taken with someone's camera phone but is still heaven for me.

Friday, January 18, 2008

your tax dollars at work

IMing with Chris about that freaky video, then digressing into church camp. Boring for you, funny for me.

Chris: thanks for freaking me out with that damn video
me: isn't it brutal?
Chris: if it's true it most certainly is brutal
me: reminds me of the conspiracy theories aaron has
Chris: totally
me: not a damn thing we can do about it even if it's true
Chris: nope!
it kind of reminds me of a lot of the end of the world shit I would hear as a kid at church
me: me too. "A Thief In The Night"
Chris: I have no doubt in my mind that the world will degrade into a bunch of stupid sheep but there's not a damn thing I can do about it!
those movies RULES
I mean
me: david collects '70s and '80s christian movies. we should have you over for a viewing marathon
Chris: I love thinking about Biblical prophecy... if it IS true, then why do we even bother for peace in the middle east!?
oh rad!!!!
I didn't know he had that collection
me: seeeeriously. if they'd read the bible, they'd know it's futile
Chris: yup
me: he got 4 new ones for xmas. one is called "On Thin Ice"
Chris: which is why having a "Christian" president trying to make peace is so funny
haha nice
me: it's about some acid-wash wearing christian teens going on a spring break ski trip with their non-christian friend
Chris: ooooooh
have you seen the one where the teens get in a car wreck?
Chris: and then have to face their destiny?
me: i've seen a couple about a car wreck...
me: ...and have performed in several skits with that scenario, at church camp
Chris: haha nice
me: each time a paper plate was used to be the steering wheel
Chris: I want video of you performing that!
me: i really hope there is no such video out there
there IS however, video of me listening to james dobson speak in 1991
Chris: if there is, I sort of want to make it my life's goal to find it
me : it's on the "life on the edge" series and the camera closed-up on me in the audience :P
Chris: oh really?!?!
I've totally seen that!
me: i bet you of all people could find it
Chris: oh yes I could
me: just borrow it from yoru parents. haha
Chris: mom? dad? my body is going through changes so I shoved drugs up my ass... what should I do now?
me: son, you need to know the answer doesn't lie in drugs. the answer jesus christ.
Chris: "lemme tell you 'bout a friend of mine..."
me: jesus will give you a high that drugs never could.
Chris: That high is called tongues... and by tongues I mean Christian key party
me: at your christian camps, did everyone form backrub chains and rub each other's backs? it was total christian safe sex
Chris: oh my gosh... yes and yes
Chris: say teens, who has ever had blue balls!?
well that's God's way of telling you you got too close!
too much petting!
me : team up with your accountability partner
Chris: christian culture is amazing
I wen to Bible camp all growing up
Chris: and then worked there between the ages of 14-17
me: i went to Bible camp in Colorado Springs all growing up
Chris: had my first make out session in the parking lot in my gf's car
me: then I worked at a Christian camp near Austin and lifeguarded and was a counselor in college.
Chris: and the whole time you feel so damn guilty about everything
me : seriously
Chris : I smoked my first cigarette working at camp too
me : all we did when we were working at camp was wait for the campers to go to sleep and then furtively smoke and drink shiner bock
Chris: yup
smoking is for everyone :)
me: remember when tom green tried to teach kids at the playground to smoke?
Chris: haha YES
even though I barely remember Tom Greene these days
me: and the dad said "you don't teach them, they figure it out for themselves"
Chris: yay dad
me: i have to go
Chris: later
me: it was nice talking to ya
Chris: yup!

americans aren't stupid

Can't get the youtube thing to embed so I have to link it

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my npr deficiency

I would like to listen to a bit of intelligent radio now and again but I don’t like NPR. I even sort of hate its guts. I want to like it because it's what the smart, serious people listen to but to me it’s boring and in love with itself. Everyone loves This American Life but it’s a little slow for me, oh, and not that interesting. Does anyone out there know of interesting talk radio, apart from the love of my life, Adam Carolla? Can you guide me?

At the store last night I saw on the new issue of Martha Stewart that it has the best homemade bread recipe ever. Ever! I was tempted but I didn’t even look because I knew it would just hurt my self-esteem. Martha is just too perfect. I love it when Amy Sedaris is on her show because she always wears the cutest dresses and aprons and she takes the piss out of Martha ever so charmingly. e.g., Martha: “No, I don’t live alone! I have my dogs and cats and canaries.” Amy: “Oh, THOSE people.”

Judah and I were looking at Amy Sedaris’s “I Like You” book to get ideas for his birthday party and I read him her party game ideas. “It says here Gypsy is a game where you blindfold all the kids, drive them out to the middle of nowhere, then take of the blindfolds and the first one to find their way home wins.” Judah said “Ummm…no. I don’t think we should play that game.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

oh great

goooood morning brown family!


I got this email from Rich, David's friend from seminary who pastors a church in Venice, L.A. He was David's best man in our wedding and our dear dear friend even if he is Canadian.
"It's hard to have dialogue if you're not willing to listen to people with different opinions. I think that half the reason republicans and democrats (for example) hate each other and are suspicious of each other is because they don't actually speak sincerely or listen to one another they just caricaturize the opposition and then mock the caricature. The sense of humanity is absent and so dialogue becomes impossible. It doesn't mean you can't disagree with a atheist - even passionately. It's just that there is a big difference between disagreeing with a dignity-endowed human being and disagreeing with an anti-Christian devil of hell (the caricature we usually invent for atheists and the like)... "

(rich with lolly last year)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today I was asked by someone why on earth I would want to read Christopher Hitchens' book god is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I guess I can see why that would be weird to some people as I am only a part-time atheist and not a full-time one as Hitchens is, and even when I'm an atheist I still hurl my trust in Jesus and sob in my Father's arms - the arms I hope are there. Because during the times I don't believe in God and trust in him anyway, that's when it's faith.

I think that everyone has a valid viewpoint because it is THEIR viewpoint and stems from their journey and their story. And I'm interested in people's stories. I'm not threatened that Hitchens' viewpoint will affect mine. Maybe it will affect it but I don't feel scared of that.

I guess that is why I want to read that book.

Monday, January 14, 2008

boys on wheels

Norwegian boy band performing the traditional hymn, My Balls Are OK.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

new supergrass video

Here is a new video by Supergrass side project Diamond Hoo-Ha Men. I guess "hoo-ha" means something different in England, but I told them what it means in Texas and they said "Oh dear, now we'll never be invited to the vicar's for tea!"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

at home with clay aiken

Hi! What are you doing? I’m here with my prized possession, Mr. Electric Blanket, and obviously my good friend Internet and High Fidelity is on. It’s always on some channel. John Cusack sure is a whiny dildo. With extremely poor boundaries. What business is it of his about all that stuff his ex girlfriend is doing and why is she even answering his intrusive questions? Kraftwerk, Falco, Hasselhoff?

This interview with Clay Aiken in Newsweek is gold! My favorite things he said: “I’m sore. I couldn’t even get off the toilet the other day.” “I thought Monty Python was a person until three months ago.” “It wasn’t a Ford commercial. It was a music video. It was a completely different thing.” “We’re done. I thought Newsweek would be more reputable. I’m surprised.” Oh Clay! G a double y.

I would never get tired of being under this electric blanket, I am not kidding you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

imperfect parenting

Tonight I talked to David's Aunt Lucy on the phone for almost 2 hours. We made a connection a long time ago because we're both working through really hard, painful crap. She's got a big heart and likes to call and check in on me and it's really validating that she cares and it's inspiring to talk with someone who is brave enough to work through their stuff and face all that pain with the hope of moving past it and being free of it. When she calls she just wants to know how I am and wants me to know she's praying for me, and it's just what I need. Tonight after we'd been talking awhile I told her yesterday I got mad at Judah and that night he told me I had hurt his feelings. I was telling Lucy this because I felt so bad about it, just really guilty. Judah and I talked awhile about it and he saw that I had tears in my eyes and was really truly sorry, and I told him how I make mistakes and asked him to forgive me. He was so sweet and soft-hearted about it but I still felt guilty about it which is why I was telling Lucy and she said "You're doing it right, Stephanie! You went to him and invited him to talk about his feelings, which is huge. And then he saw how sorry you were. That's redemption, that's healing." It was good to hear her say that because I was feeling guilty for not being perfect, but I can't be perfect, but I can handle it the right way when I mess up and that gives me hope.

carrie and judah

Carrie posted this today about talking to Judah. So awesome!

Recently I was talking on the phone with my friend Judah, who just turned 6.

C: So, are you excited about your birthday?
C: Hey you get to go to school on your birthday, are you doing anything fun at school?
J: We're gon' have cupcakes, and um, everyone will know it's my birfday.
C: You should run around at recess and yell "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" just to make sure everyone knows.
J: Um, I think if I did that people would think I was kind of weird.
(I'm always taken aback when kids I know are suddenly old enough to use reason.)
C: So what do you want for your birthday?
C: Spy gear? Like a pen that turns into a camera?
J: ...Yeah!
C: Like a...(trying to think of things that don't shoot or kill) pair of sunglasses?
J: ......Yeah!
C: OK, spy gear. So, what's your favorite thing to eat for dinner?
J: Um, I like pizza, I like corndogs, I like hamburgers...
C: Totally, me too.

I was confused about this Spy Gear thing so I asked Stephanie. She said "oh, it's this toy with a camera on it so you can go spy on your sister or whatever." I believe it might be something like this. Wow, kids today! Nothing makes me reach more quickly for my Geritol than a child's toy that boasts about its "black and white video feed captured with 1/4 VGA CMOS camera."

My brother used to love his remote control cars. I distinctly remember the way they would wheeze over the cement sidewalk outside and smash repeatedly into the deck. It was amusing to lean the control level in one direction and watch the poor stupid car turn in an endless circle. Remote control cars are cute to see motoring around because you imagine a gerbil or squirrel driving them.

But if my brother had had a remote control car with a spy video camera, I would have smashed it with a wiffle ball bat as soon as I saw it peeping around the corner. Ain't nothin cute about that!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

doorbells & sleighbells & schnitzel with noodles

This picture cheers me up.

Know what else cheers me up? Dogs with cones!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

big black caucus

I'm just never going to get tired of hearing newscasters talk about the "black caucus."

obama your mama

Politics are so overwhelming and silly and I feel like I can’t keep up. I try to keep up a little bit but there’s so much to keep track of and then I just want to take a nap. My dear friend Jamie from high school emailed me yesterday and he said:
“I was perusing your blog the other day and I saw that you’re a fan of Obama. I just wanted to ask you what you liked about him and what you think he would do to help our country.”
So I wrote back and said:
“If you watched his Iowa victory speech that pretty much sums up why I like him and what I think he would do to help our country. I would elaborate more but I'm at work right now and the answer I just gave might suffice. If not, let me know!”
Jamie said:
“I didn’t watch his victory speech, but I took the time to read the transcript and while his speech was eloquent it was also filled with rhetoric and generalities. It didn’t say all that much. So I guess I would like you to elaborate….when you have the time and if you so desire.”
Then I said
“His speech did have a lot of rhetoric and generalities, those generic "we're united and moving forward!" statements that make the crowd go "eeeeee" for ten minutes and throw their panties onstage. Off the top of my head, here are some of the reasons I like him: he endorses health care reform and he seems to understand how bad it is now and how much it needs to change. I like that he wants to end tax-breaks for companies who outsource jobs overseas. I don't like how the middle class is disappearing and the wealthy and the impoverished are increasing, and he seems to understand that and wants to give the middle-class tax breaks. I think the wealthy should have the most taxes. I like that he wants to free the US from our dependency on oil and I love that he wants to bring the troops home. I like his voting record in the Senate. He could be as full of shit as anyone, but realizing that I still really like him and have hope that more than half of the country will vote for SOMEone and get behind SOMEbody in some semblance of a majority. I don't think any one politican is The Answer for our problems and I think when people start thinking that there is, that's when we run into problems. Basically, I would be happy if anyone besides who we have now would be president because I'm really disappointed by the decisions he's made.

Hmm, I think I just wrote a blog entry. :)”

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

otitis media vs. otitis externa

Ann-Krestene just posted about how hydrogen peroxide quickly cured her daughter's ear infection. I get excited about any way to avoid using antibiodics if possible. I work in an emergency room and MRSA is on the rise due to widespread antibiodic and antibacterial-gel use so I'm really conscious - okay, downright paranoid - about it. And as Ann-K says, hydrogen peroxide is $1 a bottle, can't beat that with a stick.

five more pictures






by the amazing Kristen at Blush Photo

Saturday, January 5, 2008

christmas in san francisco

Long time coming with the xmas pictures. We drove down to San Francisco and it was a great time. Before we left the kids and I made toffee like we do every year.


snowy trees in Oregon


Mount Shasta


the neighbors' giant snowglobes


Lolly stayed with Nana and we did a day trip with Judah. Here are David, Judah & Aunt April in San Francisco


getting pizza on Powell St.


in Union Square




at the gate


Lion o' Judah


Hotel Triton, our favoritest


I like you. Do you like me?


Nuts are just funny.


in Citizen Cupcake. Look at those identical grins


in Virgin Records


Nana made Lolly little heart sandwiches


watching Peter Rabbit with Nana


holding the almost-gone skeins of yarn


heading back with the blankets I made them


the view from the passenger seat


Uncle Richard and Aunt Mae are the bestest


Mae gave me this Drury Lane creamer set she got in London


"sharing" with Cousin Elijah


reading in the rocking chair


it was sunnier on the 2nd day of the drive


rest stop


...and now we're at the end.