Wednesday, January 9, 2008

obama your mama

Politics are so overwhelming and silly and I feel like I can’t keep up. I try to keep up a little bit but there’s so much to keep track of and then I just want to take a nap. My dear friend Jamie from high school emailed me yesterday and he said:
“I was perusing your blog the other day and I saw that you’re a fan of Obama. I just wanted to ask you what you liked about him and what you think he would do to help our country.”
So I wrote back and said:
“If you watched his Iowa victory speech that pretty much sums up why I like him and what I think he would do to help our country. I would elaborate more but I'm at work right now and the answer I just gave might suffice. If not, let me know!”
Jamie said:
“I didn’t watch his victory speech, but I took the time to read the transcript and while his speech was eloquent it was also filled with rhetoric and generalities. It didn’t say all that much. So I guess I would like you to elaborate….when you have the time and if you so desire.”
Then I said
“His speech did have a lot of rhetoric and generalities, those generic "we're united and moving forward!" statements that make the crowd go "eeeeee" for ten minutes and throw their panties onstage. Off the top of my head, here are some of the reasons I like him: he endorses health care reform and he seems to understand how bad it is now and how much it needs to change. I like that he wants to end tax-breaks for companies who outsource jobs overseas. I don't like how the middle class is disappearing and the wealthy and the impoverished are increasing, and he seems to understand that and wants to give the middle-class tax breaks. I think the wealthy should have the most taxes. I like that he wants to free the US from our dependency on oil and I love that he wants to bring the troops home. I like his voting record in the Senate. He could be as full of shit as anyone, but realizing that I still really like him and have hope that more than half of the country will vote for SOMEone and get behind SOMEbody in some semblance of a majority. I don't think any one politican is The Answer for our problems and I think when people start thinking that there is, that's when we run into problems. Basically, I would be happy if anyone besides who we have now would be president because I'm really disappointed by the decisions he's made.

Hmm, I think I just wrote a blog entry. :)”


Jason said...

Here here! Come for the pictures, stay for astute observations.

juls said...

i turned on cnn for the 1st time in years last night to track the NH primary. right away i was hooked up to my cnn politics tracker, tracking the votes every minute. way too addicting. i still can't get over how the news people just call the vote so easily. why can't they just wait an hour or two. seems so silly.

California Girl said...

I am very happy that instead of some of the reasons I hear for endorsing a candidate, you can actually list what it is you like about him and why you want him for the country. Way to go.