Wednesday, July 28, 2010

santa cruz & ashland

We just had a family reunion in Santa Cruz. I heart it there. It was the best time.

The kids, David and my brother at the ocean

The kids and me were the only pasty white Seattle people on the beach


cousins under a redwood tree

legs for sale

my sisters-in-law

David transporting cookies

My kids loving on Uncle John while PopDad (granddad) looks on

On the way down we stayed in Ashland, Oregon with Uncle Richard, our favorite salty aged-hippie displaced New Yorker, unapologetically particular yet somehow laid-back, Mensa uncle who consumes only lox, Pepsi and medical marijuana. The kids picked cherries in his backyard and he and I did sudoku inside and he complained about Sarah Palin and asked me a lot about how twitter works. It was so fun.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the hot hot heat

It's going to get over 70 degrees today in Seattle and everyone is EXCITED. The highest it's been all summer is like 55 or something. On the bus today I was talking to this guy I always talk to, he's a teacher who has grown kids and he said he's painting today and it's going to get hot, and when I was getting off the bus I told him "stay cool" meaning "don't get too hot" and immediately felt so stupid. Stay cool! I still feel stupid.

I just cannot get enough of Betty Butterfield.