Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stop and go on the 405

I'm sitting here being offended by how ugly my Peet's cup is with that design and how they wrote 'cylindrical stamp consisting of curved spiral designs, from central America' on it. Don't make me go to Starbucks to get the less offensive mermaid cup where she's got her boobs covered by her hair. Don't you hate when you eat the red play-doh and it tastes like a blue crayon? Here is Zach (beardless fat-Jodie-Foster Zach) at a preschool. Don't go blue on me, let's work it clean. I can't hear you, take those boogers out of your mouth.

This made me roll around and hit things laughing. Shirt in your mouth! Flight of the Bumblebee! 8x11 picture of your grandma!! (Kinda dirty, not for pearlclutchers. Or maybe it is, maybe it will make your day a little more surreal.)

Yay, here's Adam making fun of morning DJs again! I remember when this aired live, I was driving somewhere downtown late at night and I about had to pull over I was laughing so hard. I'll link Grapes of Rad so Ben & Aaron have to see it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

inglouriously basterdly

We saw Inglourious Basterds on Sunday our last night in San Francisco and I still can't stop thinking about it. I was shaking and jittering in parts of it because of how Quentin works you. Most movies are way too long for me, every single movie I see I always think it could be edited down to about 45 minutes, but this one is kinda long and I didn't mind. That is saying a lot right there. I love you Quentin. (I love you Pumpkin. I love you, Honey Bunny. Any of you fucking pricks move, etc. etc.) Each of his movies I want to see in the theater over and over. These days I won't cause I'm a working mom and have no time, but I want to and I used to. When we saw Death Proof I wrote about that here, I just went back to find it. David was saying how Inglourious Basterds only had six scenes and thinking back I guess it did. I got so sucked in and he builds so much tension and I keep wondering if he'll ever relieve it or leave everyone hanging, he's so good at that. Christophe Waltz played the scariest SS guy and he did this Adam Carolla interview the other day. I'm eating it up, nom nom nom. Still thinking about it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

rev. mike on trust and parenting

Our friend Mike just wrote this post about parenting. I really like it. He says most parenting styles are hardcore how-to methods. David and I don't subscribe to that and neither do Mike and Karin - like Mike said, it doesn't seem biblical. His blog post deals with the fall, who we are as people and parents, and who are kids are. He says he's going to keep breaking it down and see where it goes. I am really interested to see where he goes with it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i love so much when adam carolla makes fun of early morning dj's

When I run out of new podcasts I look up old Lovelines with Adam Carolla. I fell out of my chair and kicked the wall laughing at this one. Maybe not suitable for the easily offended.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

guess who's back in the m'fin house

I haven't been over here as much lately, I'm trying to stay off the computer more because I don't want to be one of those moms who's always online or glued to her phone. So it's good.

So okay. Matt Tiabbi was on Adam Carolla's podcast yesterday talking about the AIG which I know about only by name, pretty much, and he was saying it's so complicated that people just glaze over and don't try to figure it out because it's so involved. Which is totally right, that's why I don't really understand what's going on with the economic collapse. He wrote an article on Goldman-Sachs for Rolling Stone and he was saying he had to study for six weeks before interviewing people for it because the subject is that convoluted, and the fact that we don't know anything about it is to their advantage and they were pretty easily able to create this economic crisis since most of us don't really know what's going on. They created all this artificial demand and it's so wrong it's dizzying, that they could get away with it. Like for oil, the reason gas prices were so high last summer is because they traded each barrel of oil 27 times before it was used in the US. But the oil supply was actually really high so the price should have been low but they created artificial demand! Bastards! I'm almost boring myself typing that so thanks if you're still reading, but I'm just interested enough to say I'm going to read more about this cause it pisses me off that they're using the boringness to get away with everything. /end rant

Okay, not end rant. Here's the article he wrote. I love this guy.

Then yesterday, still on my usual podcast-fest, I heard on Grapes of Rad that Starbucks is going stealth and opening coffee shops that don't say Starbucks anywhere to compete with the independent shops. Here in Seattle there's already one on 15th on Capitol Hill called 15th Ave Coffee & Tea. The Grapes also said that the owner of Victrola saw all these people in his store recently carrying notebooks that said "observations" and making notes about how they did things! Those douchenozzles! And we're not going to be able to tell these supposedly independent coffee places are actually Starbucks. Well, I bet we'll be able to tell. But I really don't like the idea of them doing that. Not sure why I care when it's just coffee but it came on the heels of the AIG information and the false demand and how just a few people can own everything and eff all the consumers. I don't know why I'm watching my language on this blog but oh well. So then after listening to that message I went over and listened to a sermon by our pastor from a few weeks ago on the Sabbath and rest vs. unrest. It was so beautiful I cried and cried and I went back and listened to it again. In case my christian homies or whoever are interested it's here. Then today my therapist brought up unrest and turmoil. It's interesting how everything is melding together with me becoming more aware of my tumult and what that comes from, what's under that, and what the sabbath and true rest mean. And as it goes away I'll have so much more space to explore and all that and be free from all that bullshit. (Guess I'm not watching my language anymore.) *Since I posted this I've been feeling weird about posting something so personal to me. But I don't know if I should delete all this. Yet.*

This post has been sort of a departure from my usual random youtube video posts and weird pictures I find online. Yesterday I went back to find the farting preacher video and was wailing from laughing at it. David said "Oh, you found that again? A few months ago you used to watch it over and over and laugh harder each time." He's right.

Friday, August 7, 2009

top ten disgruntled comments

Here are the Top Ten Disgruntled Comments On My Stuff Christian Culture Likes Blog Yesterday(of course signed by Anonymous as per post #80)

…and the irony is that these are things I would have said about this blog at one time in my life.

10. You really need to examine what you are doing here.
9. What do you think Christ will say to you one day about your blog?
8. Examine your motives and their eternal implications.
7. If you spent half as much energy trying to help people KNOW Christ instead of bashing those people who are trying to know Christ, think of the good you would do!
6. What I see Stephy doing is fitting God into HER little box.
5. You are a bitter hardened person bashing people trying to know Christ.
4. What we do has eternal consequences whether you want to admit it or not!
3. I'm so sorry this is lost on you.
2. Just because this upsets me in no way means my heart is not breaking for all of you.

And the number one disgruntled comment to date is...

1. It's all fun and games until someone goes to hell because of your actions.

I was telling David this morning "that blog is exhausting." He said "what's the exhausting part?" I said "comments saying God is gonna get me. I think I'm too sensitive to handle people saying that." "If you don't get stuff like that on your blog you're probably not doing the right thing with it. It means you're in the dogfight."

So that was interesting.

Last week it was way too hot and today I watched You've Got Mail and pined for fall. Here are some pictures from Sunday.