Friday, August 7, 2009

top ten disgruntled comments

Here are the Top Ten Disgruntled Comments On My Stuff Christian Culture Likes Blog Yesterday(of course signed by Anonymous as per post #80)

…and the irony is that these are things I would have said about this blog at one time in my life.

10. You really need to examine what you are doing here.
9. What do you think Christ will say to you one day about your blog?
8. Examine your motives and their eternal implications.
7. If you spent half as much energy trying to help people KNOW Christ instead of bashing those people who are trying to know Christ, think of the good you would do!
6. What I see Stephy doing is fitting God into HER little box.
5. You are a bitter hardened person bashing people trying to know Christ.
4. What we do has eternal consequences whether you want to admit it or not!
3. I'm so sorry this is lost on you.
2. Just because this upsets me in no way means my heart is not breaking for all of you.

And the number one disgruntled comment to date is...

1. It's all fun and games until someone goes to hell because of your actions.

I was telling David this morning "that blog is exhausting." He said "what's the exhausting part?" I said "comments saying God is gonna get me. I think I'm too sensitive to handle people saying that." "If you don't get stuff like that on your blog you're probably not doing the right thing with it. It means you're in the dogfight."

So that was interesting.

Last week it was way too hot and today I watched You've Got Mail and pined for fall. Here are some pictures from Sunday.


Laura Toepfer said...

That's a lovely lot of "you" messages, i'n'it? No actual "I disagree and here is why." Just shame and blame all the way, baby. Creeping up into your head in insidious little anonymous nests.

Keep fighting the good fight, Stephy. I appreciate your guts.

Manveri said...

I got to this blog from your other one and laughed at your "top ten" list. I do hope you don't ever find the blog so stressful that you stop writing it, although I can certainly understand how Anonymous comments would get under your skin. But I think your husband is right; in general, if _someone's_ not mad at you, you're probably doing something wrong.

Have you thought about just not ever looking at the Comments pages?

Josh Mock said...

Who is that in the first pic with you and the girl? What with all your famous friends, I'm trying to put names to faces. Haha.

Still Breathing said...


You hit the nail on the head when you said you would have made those comments at some time. You have moved on in your journey to a faith and all you can do is hope the people who made those comments will, one day, become Chritian adults instead of remaining spiritual children.

At least you get comments (I'm only jealous).

Toby said...

Stephy... how's your walk?


stephy said...

Walk's pretty shaky and tremulous. I'm not sure the people who hate my blog would believe that this morning in church I cried a lot at just how beautiful the whole thing was. I used to be like them though so I kinda get it. Not that I'm more evolved exactly, I've just been there and I'm not anymore. For which I'm so glad!

juls said...

what's hilarious is, none of these comments had anything to do with the original post. drives me mad! just an excuse to gripe and get defensive. lame.

Kaleigh Meduri said...

I was reading your "stuff Christians like" blog and wandered over here to this one. I just wanted to comment on the "disgruntled comments" because I'm a christian (if that's what I HAVE to be called) but I enjoy the things you post, I think it's absolutely hilarious and I stop by to check it quite often. I think if people stopped taking things/themselves so seriously maybe Christianity wouldn't be such a horrible thing.

Anyway - Thanks for the laughs!!

Rebecca said...

Stephy, I'm sorry the negativity from some of those comments is getting to you. And... that sort of semi-vitriolic nastiness is one of the reasons I can't darken the door of a church anymore. I find the secular world to be a much kinder, less critical place (in general) so that is where I hang now.

Your blog is really shining a light into all those ridiculous little crevices in conservative evangelical thinking/practice that have nothing to do with being a Christian. You are not, however, challenging anyone's faith - only their "religious" culture. And it's important that someone does that. I bet Jesus would approve (he was big on upsetting the establishment... just thinking of that big ruckus in the temple).

Keep fighting the good fight (or is it a cliche now, too).

stephy said...

Thanks all you sweet people for your encouragement. I am fresh from a therapy session where we talked, well, not about this exactly, but stuff under it and my head is swimming with the new information and possibilities to think over and it means a lot to have you guys say nice things, so thanks again!

David said...

I know I'm late to this, but your David is right. Good on you, Stephy!

Anonymous said...

so the things christian cultures like are not a caricature? (writing from belgium, some stuff really seems alien to me...)

If people would go to hell because of your blog then what can be said of stuff like M Driscoll (they may need him in hell to keep it a real hell over there...)

keep up the good work..