Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stop and go on the 405

I'm sitting here being offended by how ugly my Peet's cup is with that design and how they wrote 'cylindrical stamp consisting of curved spiral designs, from central America' on it. Don't make me go to Starbucks to get the less offensive mermaid cup where she's got her boobs covered by her hair. Don't you hate when you eat the red play-doh and it tastes like a blue crayon? Here is Zach (beardless fat-Jodie-Foster Zach) at a preschool. Don't go blue on me, let's work it clean. I can't hear you, take those boogers out of your mouth.

This made me roll around and hit things laughing. Shirt in your mouth! Flight of the Bumblebee! 8x11 picture of your grandma!! (Kinda dirty, not for pearlclutchers. Or maybe it is, maybe it will make your day a little more surreal.)

Yay, here's Adam making fun of morning DJs again! I remember when this aired live, I was driving somewhere downtown late at night and I about had to pull over I was laughing so hard. I'll link Grapes of Rad so Ben & Aaron have to see it.


Trev said...


"Jack that dork"

Once again, this guy brought tears to my eyes.

stephy said...

I'm glad you like him too! I think he's a bloody genius.