Thursday, August 13, 2009

i love so much when adam carolla makes fun of early morning dj's

When I run out of new podcasts I look up old Lovelines with Adam Carolla. I fell out of my chair and kicked the wall laughing at this one. Maybe not suitable for the easily offended.


Trev said...

Holy Shit that clip had me in tears, it was so funny. Every time they said "it's 8:29" I laughed a little harder. Who are these guys? Did I hear right...Will Sasso? As in Mad TV's Will Sasso?

stephy said...

Yeah, that Will Sasso! This was when Adam Carolla was on Loveline. Now he has a podcast and I listen to that every day and when I'm done I go listen to other old stuff of his.

Aaron said...

3. "8:29"
2. "T-cell count"
1. "a Miata full of chaps"

stephy said...

5. He did a little something called the turtle, Drew.
4. Planned Parenthood with Maroon 5 gonna be at Foxy's
3. 8:29, 29 after 8 o'clock
2. The winner of the bushiest mustache competition is gonna walk away with a Savage Garden box set.
1. Speaking of calamari, check out this balloon knot!