Thursday, July 30, 2009

craigraham lincoln

My friend JP made this video. He used to be in Pleaseeasaur and now he's JP Inc. and I can't really describe what he does but I super love it. Here is his video for "Crap Factory"

Crap Factory

And the latest Grapes of Rad podcast is so good. I was listening to an old one, #23 I think, and Aaron sang 'Hey Man Nice Shot' in the manner of Johnny Cash and it was. So awesome. He also sang 'Loser' like the Humpty Dance guy. I was dying. I recommend the Grapes to stave away workplace and commute ennui.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

stephy writes a post in under 4 minutes. go!

A lot of people in Nigeria want to be like Michael Jackson.

Simone and Gregg were at a crepe stand a couple weeks ago and the guy working at the stand really liked Simone. He kept giving her compliments and offering to teach her French and she said "I'm married" and he said "Well, so am I!" Gregg hated it and didn't want to go back to that stand. Since we have a sick habit of looking at the missed connections and laughing at the really earnest/gross ones I made a craigslist missed connection for his benefit and sent him the link and said "Do you think this guy is talking about Simone?" I didn't fool him (he called it funny but sick) but someone else DID respond and sent me this:

I love crepes.I am not the person you are thinking of but, after reading about
the special ingredient you put in crepes to bring women back for some more, now
I want some.I will also take the free French lessons. In return I can teach you
Russian.So, maybe I will see you and your crepes on Thursday.

In closing, here are some pics of Neil Hamburger on the hamburger bed. It just went for $3,000 on ebay but if you ask me they should've just given it to him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

three things

1. I found my dream home.

2. Last week we saw The Hangover and Bruno at the Cinebarre which ruined me on all other movie theaters forever. Every theater should serve you drinks.

3. My TheRapist says I don't get enough time by myself. Shocking.

Monday, July 20, 2009

tilt your head back let's finish the cup

My favorite video today:

I just got a new mp3 player. I just get cheap mp3 players now because I really don't like pulling iPods out of the dryer, which was happening a lot. Now I just pull cheap mp3 players out of the dryer. I've had several Sansas and iPod shuffles and this one is made by Walkman which is kind of surreal just cause it makes me think of all the tape playing Walkmans I had. I had to give it a name when I synced it so I named it Red Walkman of Radness. How long till this one will be the Washed and Dried Walkman of Deadness? Now I can listen to stuff again during my stupid-long commute. I was getting a lot of reading done there for awhile but that's done till I wash my walkman.

I kind of want this creepy Father and Son Manual of Hygiene.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i'm praying for your gay self

Ryan wrote a thoughtful post here on how it feels as a gay person to be told someone is praying for your gayness.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bonhoeffer and stuff

Someone just left a comment at my other blog that made me think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and I looked at his wiki page and saw this quote
“Human love has little regard for the truth. It makes the truth relative, since nothing, not even the truth, must come between it and the beloved person.”- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
I used to think this quote was kind of saying that God's love is different from "human love" and maybe that is what it's saying. But I saw it in a different way today, that maybe love is love. Because I've been thinking recently that what this quote is basically saying is so true with even biblical love. There are people who really want to explain and explain how their view is right and anyone who doesn't agree is wrong. The way they do it is not any kind of invitation to relationship and there is no sense of "I've said what I think, now what do you think? Your opinion is valid because it comes from your experience and you are a human being who deserves to be listened to. And besides that, maybe I'm wrong anyway and so I'm not threatened by listening to you." When there's no sense of that at all, I think love doesn't exist. Logic is comforting and love and vulnerability are scary, that is for sure. It sucks that we are so self-protective (myself included) that our relationships are sacrificed because we have no room for others. I talked about this in therapy today, more to come on that probably since it always bubbles up as much as I'd like it to not sometimes.


I finished reading A Confederacy of Dunces yesterday and was a little sad to be done with it. I thought about all the other books I have that need to be read, but instead I'm reading C of D again. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdaaaaay.

Someone named Candid Wanderer left a lengthy comment at my SCCL Carrie Prejean post. I responded and said it would be nice for the gay community to weigh in on the Candid Wanderer's thoughts. So if any gays are up to it, here it is.

This is my new favorite picture. Hammerhead used to say this all the time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i'm gay for mad men

i can't get enough of this picture

I'm totally applying for this job. When they won't interview me I'll sue them for gender bias. Then the nefarious underworld of Mars Hill church will come out in the courtroom. Set your tivos!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

with you always. hey, stop that!

Our friend Bobby has his own take on the With You Always drawings. His are called Hey, Stop That. Here's an original bonafide With You Always sketch of Jesus with a barber.

Here is Bobby's rendering of Jesus telling someone to knock it off.

I'll post them as Bobby makes them. Yips! Some great ones he's done have been lost in hard drive crashes. He did one of a prostitute talking to someone in a TransAm and another one of Ellen DeGeneres crying about a dog. Hey, stop that!

the hot rats cover 'drive my car'

Supergrass. [pause] Is my favorite band. [pause] And two of them (Gaz & Danny) have a new side project called the Hot Rats and they only do covers. Hugo Boss asked them to do this song so they did. And I love it more than the original. Saying that is probably heresy but I will apologize not.

Supergrass has always gotten a lot of Beatles comparisons but this is the only Beatles cover I've heard them do (oh wait, besides Daytripper in 1997) and with both of the songs it's almost eerie, for me, the similarity. I think it's as if they are what the Beatles would sound like if they were from our generation.

It's been a year since Simone and Kate and I embarked on our Supergrass summer, Simone and I saw them in Seattle, Portland, & LA, then Kate & I saw them in NJ and we all saw them in NYC. Here is the blog entry with pictures from that. Sigh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

ryan quotes

Now for an installment of Ryan quotes pulled from his emails to me this week.

On these 'Christian alternatives' to MySpace and Facebook:
Wow! There's so many. I love "holypal" and "mypraize"! I'm sure you could infiltrate those sights and raize some holy(pal) hell!
On the show Cake Boss, which is the only show all of us in our family like equally:
I've never heard of Cake Boss. It sounds fun and amazing. I'll sent my fazers to stun and record it tonight. I'm frothing at the mouth with television scheduling anxiety.
On his beard:
In other news, I'm growing a beard. I feel like I've been inducted into some beard society at work. I liken it to the brotherhood bald men must engage in. I find that when I come into work, my bearded brethren want to check in with me and the progress of my growth. I must investigate further and see if I can't infiltrate the layers of this beard cult.
On...I don't know, duvets:
I know someone who looks like a cross between Seth Meyers (from SNL) and Andy Dick (from Andy Dick). He works for Pottery Barn Kids and I often use him to get me discounts on their merchandise. Really! I got a killer sailboat duvet that's on my bed right now.
On commuting:
I was on a super crowded train this morning and was looking at all the people smashed into me and thought to myself, "All these people resulted from a night of passion."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

if you love maya angelou, do not read further

My friend Monica dislikes Maya Angelou and has this contest where she says she will give a prize to the person who writes the best Maya Angelou lookalike poem. This is David's entry:

Maya Angelou Sets Down Her Harp to Strangle a Passing Gazelle

“Philosophers should be the kings I perchance to think,”
Aristotle said when he was not yet dead yet
hardly bated the fate of States or startled the status quo, mate

Poets samewise should be the cover models
Their wisened visages gracing the covers of even Vogue and Vanity Fair
sans the vanity
The sans of time through hourglass-less bodies
Ill-filled Bikinis beckoning not lustful stares but varicose stairclimbs of knowledge
and unequivocable equality
Wrinkles welcome (but for a wrinkle in time!)

O Woman I shall regard and desire you
You with your supple words
Your buxom line breaks
That sweet untapped assonance
Your punctuated pique-through titling, breasts heaving

- David Drury

i'd like to know where jeff tweedy lives that he can spend just $3.63 on diet coca-cola and unlit cigarettes

I want to write about my therapy session this morning but as therapy is wont to do it made me think about why I proffer so much of myself when I'm so fragile. I think it's because I didn't used to be this fragile until said therapy, and now I'm becoming more aware of my sarcastic shell that kept me safe or at least made things not hurt as much (because then I could put the bad feelings back on the people who hurt mine or, even better!, beat them to the punch). Doing that protected me when I was younger but now I want to be more aware of why I do what I do and what's underneath it and as a result I'm super vulnerable. I've never been this way before. I was talking to my therapist today about what triggers these responses in me and I'm realizing that I have some serious problems with men who are abrasive, peremptory, dismissive of people's feelings (especially when they rationalize away emotions because emotions are not logical), and most especially when a man does these things in the name of God. I have an extremely strong emotional response to it. It hurts me somewhere in my heart like a physical pain and I collapse. I break just like a little girl, I guess. I'm doing a lot of work to figure out where this stems from, and part of the process is heightened sensitivity. When people tell me not to be sad that makes me sadder, because I'm doing a lot of work to get my sadness back. It was shut off for so long and I was more numb. Now I can be happier because I can be sadder. Weird how that works.

Maybe that's all I better write about therapy today.

I really love this Steve Martin MJ tribute.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i don't enjoy the hipster plaid scarf phenomenon

Get away from me, gross scarves. You are like Crocs mixed with goatees mixed with velour sweats that say Juicy on the butt!

Friday, July 3, 2009

for some reason every 4th of july i think of what ms. stroud said in dazed and confused

"Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you're being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don't forget what you're celebrating, and that's the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic white males didn't want to pay their taxes."

a confederacy of dunces

I'm reading A Confederacy of Dunces for the second time and it's even better than the first time. Almost every day I snort-laugh while reading it on the bus and can't stop shaking the seat and the big besuited businessperson I'm squeezed into the seat with looks at me sideways. A few times I've been reading an amazing part and I realize my mouth has been hanging open for awhile. The story behind the book is crazy too, the guy who wrote it committed suicide in 1969 when he was 32 and his mother found the manuscript afterwards. She started calling Walker Percy and telling him about this book her dead son had written which he did not want to read obviously and the way he tells the story in the foreward is delightsome. Then he read it and couldn't put it down and published it and it won the Pulitzer Prize. Every character reminds you of someone you know. The main character (Ignatius J. Reilly) reminds me of about a dozen people I've known and it's kind of eerie. Has anyone else read it? What did you think?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

video thursday

Beatbox world champion, and she kind of rules.

Hot Rats cover The Cure's "The Lovecats" at Glastonbury last week: (audio only)

This guy is really excited about offering.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

101 things: the facebook version

Since I've been asked to tone it down on a friend's Facebook page, I thought we could think of other things that have happened to us on Facebook and make a 101 things. Simone, David, and Ryan collaborated with me to make this list. Bold the ones that apply to you.

Have you ever:

Been pleasantly surprised by someone's delightful status updates when you didn't know they had it in them

Had a Facebook-centric nightmare

Had someone tell you he was un-friending you on Facebook because his wife wanted him to

Farted in fb's general direction

Flipped off someone's status update

Entertained the idea of just deleting your Facebook account

Rekindled a friendship with a high school person you'd written off because you thought they were judgemental and found out on Facebook that wasn't the case

Accepted everyone who requests you as a friend

Had someone tell you they abhor your "flagrant touting of an evil man" (Obama) on Facebook?

Unfriended someone you already had a strained relationship with because their annoying profile picture was the last straw?

Unfriended someone because their status messages were too boring?

Made a passive-aggressive status message with the intent of catching the attention of one particular person, but not admitting it

Had people talk to you in person about your status updates (because they are awesome)

Unfriended someone because they posted thing supporting "Yes on 8"

Unfriended a-sort-of-friend you'd already accepted as a friend because they became a "fan" of Old Navy

Added people that you later forgot why you added them ("Who is that again?")

Witnessed nasty replies to you that were taken back down within 5 minutes

Tried to add people who shockingly never confirm you, which is baffling and raises distress levels over what you might have done to them

Been told by your spouse that your replies to everyone elses posts are abundant and hilarious (your A material) but that your replies to their posts are non-existent

Been witness to picture posts which greatly undermine your admiration for your friends

Been witness to picture posts which greatly bolster your admiration for your friends

Felt exactly like you were in junior high again because of something that went wrong on Facebook