Wednesday, July 1, 2009

101 things: the facebook version

Since I've been asked to tone it down on a friend's Facebook page, I thought we could think of other things that have happened to us on Facebook and make a 101 things. Simone, David, and Ryan collaborated with me to make this list. Bold the ones that apply to you.

Have you ever:

Been pleasantly surprised by someone's delightful status updates when you didn't know they had it in them

Had a Facebook-centric nightmare

Had someone tell you he was un-friending you on Facebook because his wife wanted him to

Farted in fb's general direction

Flipped off someone's status update

Entertained the idea of just deleting your Facebook account

Rekindled a friendship with a high school person you'd written off because you thought they were judgemental and found out on Facebook that wasn't the case

Accepted everyone who requests you as a friend

Had someone tell you they abhor your "flagrant touting of an evil man" (Obama) on Facebook?

Unfriended someone you already had a strained relationship with because their annoying profile picture was the last straw?

Unfriended someone because their status messages were too boring?

Made a passive-aggressive status message with the intent of catching the attention of one particular person, but not admitting it

Had people talk to you in person about your status updates (because they are awesome)

Unfriended someone because they posted thing supporting "Yes on 8"

Unfriended a-sort-of-friend you'd already accepted as a friend because they became a "fan" of Old Navy

Added people that you later forgot why you added them ("Who is that again?")

Witnessed nasty replies to you that were taken back down within 5 minutes

Tried to add people who shockingly never confirm you, which is baffling and raises distress levels over what you might have done to them

Been told by your spouse that your replies to everyone elses posts are abundant and hilarious (your A material) but that your replies to their posts are non-existent

Been witness to picture posts which greatly undermine your admiration for your friends

Been witness to picture posts which greatly bolster your admiration for your friends

Felt exactly like you were in junior high again because of something that went wrong on Facebook


Emily said...

Untagged your name from a friends picture because you 1)look fat and 2)don't want people who haven't seen you in a long time think you look fat.
-Emily Roberts

Bets said...

I am now desperate - DESPARATE - to be your facebook friend. That's the extent of my stalking, though. I think.

stephy said...

Ooo! Yes let's!

Lauren said...

Had a former boss berate you on facebook.

Found out your best friend was engaged via facebook.

stephy said...

Wow. Lauren might be a contender for the win.