Thursday, July 23, 2009

stephy writes a post in under 4 minutes. go!

A lot of people in Nigeria want to be like Michael Jackson.

Simone and Gregg were at a crepe stand a couple weeks ago and the guy working at the stand really liked Simone. He kept giving her compliments and offering to teach her French and she said "I'm married" and he said "Well, so am I!" Gregg hated it and didn't want to go back to that stand. Since we have a sick habit of looking at the missed connections and laughing at the really earnest/gross ones I made a craigslist missed connection for his benefit and sent him the link and said "Do you think this guy is talking about Simone?" I didn't fool him (he called it funny but sick) but someone else DID respond and sent me this:

I love crepes.I am not the person you are thinking of but, after reading about
the special ingredient you put in crepes to bring women back for some more, now
I want some.I will also take the free French lessons. In return I can teach you
Russian.So, maybe I will see you and your crepes on Thursday.

In closing, here are some pics of Neil Hamburger on the hamburger bed. It just went for $3,000 on ebay but if you ask me they should've just given it to him.

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Zain said...

Eeegad! Why wasn't I bidding?!?