Thursday, July 16, 2009

i'm praying for your gay self

Ryan wrote a thoughtful post here on how it feels as a gay person to be told someone is praying for your gayness.


Team Wolfisaki said...

That's a great blog entry, i was so confused because i thought it was ryan's blog, but it sounded like it was written in a non-gay christian voice, so it was someone else's blog who posted his and ryan's back-n-forths? as if the actual dialogue wasn't heavy enough, i can't figure out who is who. SCCL is pretty rad, and i'm happy that peeps are going to start forking over some bucks for you to continue writing it. my first thought was that maybe all of this trial and tribulation that you have been going through over the years in efforts to seek The Truth, has/will lead you to a point in your life where you will be able to teach others your learnings, while simultaneously providing for family. i don't know if that's anything you would ever wish for yourself, but man alive, that would be rad. love you so big!

Rye said...

I feel so spent, in a good way, from that exchange. It stirred something up in me that is still lingering today.

Team Wolfisaki--Those comments were between myself and "Candid Wanderer" sparked from the #78 topic on SCCL. I just copy and posted the whole thing on my blog (Ryan-"Rye").