Saturday, July 11, 2009

the hot rats cover 'drive my car'

Supergrass. [pause] Is my favorite band. [pause] And two of them (Gaz & Danny) have a new side project called the Hot Rats and they only do covers. Hugo Boss asked them to do this song so they did. And I love it more than the original. Saying that is probably heresy but I will apologize not.

Supergrass has always gotten a lot of Beatles comparisons but this is the only Beatles cover I've heard them do (oh wait, besides Daytripper in 1997) and with both of the songs it's almost eerie, for me, the similarity. I think it's as if they are what the Beatles would sound like if they were from our generation.

It's been a year since Simone and Kate and I embarked on our Supergrass summer, Simone and I saw them in Seattle, Portland, & LA, then Kate & I saw them in NJ and we all saw them in NYC. Here is the blog entry with pictures from that. Sigh.

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Simone said...

Ahhh such good times. And they continue with the Hot Rats. Yips! Well, not that we'll get to see them. Phooey.