Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i can't get enough of this picture

I'm totally applying for this job. When they won't interview me I'll sue them for gender bias. Then the nefarious underworld of Mars Hill church will come out in the courtroom. Set your tivos!


Rye said...

Please get to work RIGHT NOW on a resume and cover letter! And make sure to include all the work you've done with Womyns organizations!

stephy said...

In my application must be sure to state that all my abuse has been at the hands of Christian men.

Still Breathing said...

"Discretion, perseverance, patience, and a sense of humor"??? So the video of Mark Driscall was a joke to demonstrate his sense of humour.

Bets said...

I don't know..."Manage calendar,
Screen and appropriately direct email and phone calls,Reconcile receipts, Appreciation gifts, travel details, arrangements for off-site meetings and speaking engagements..." That's a chick job.

Except for the deacon part.
Hmmm, maybe it's a sissy job!


stephy said...

There truly isn't enough money in the world for that, Bets.