Wednesday, July 8, 2009

if you love maya angelou, do not read further

My friend Monica dislikes Maya Angelou and has this contest where she says she will give a prize to the person who writes the best Maya Angelou lookalike poem. This is David's entry:

Maya Angelou Sets Down Her Harp to Strangle a Passing Gazelle

“Philosophers should be the kings I perchance to think,”
Aristotle said when he was not yet dead yet
hardly bated the fate of States or startled the status quo, mate

Poets samewise should be the cover models
Their wisened visages gracing the covers of even Vogue and Vanity Fair
sans the vanity
The sans of time through hourglass-less bodies
Ill-filled Bikinis beckoning not lustful stares but varicose stairclimbs of knowledge
and unequivocable equality
Wrinkles welcome (but for a wrinkle in time!)

O Woman I shall regard and desire you
You with your supple words
Your buxom line breaks
That sweet untapped assonance
Your punctuated pique-through titling, breasts heaving

- David Drury


Rye said...

(Size 75) AH-MAZING! Now you need to pair that poem with a Basquiat painting and you're golden.

Rye said...

Okay, totally different and seemingly more profound when you read it in the voice of a woman with estrogen deficiency (alla Maya). And pause a lot between lines and words with more than 3 syllables.

D. Lee Grooms said...

I'd like to preface everything I ever write with, "If you love Maya Angelou, do not read further."

stephy said...

It should be the subject line in every email!