Thursday, January 24, 2008

a prospect

I got this email from my counselor (TheRapist) today about a group session she is going to lead. I am intrigued but also scared of what this could lead to for me, having to feel so much more than I want to...but for the greater good. Hmm. I thought about doing this a year ago but didn't have the time or the emotional space then. I think I might have those things now but if I'm going to do this I also have to be brave and that is always scary.
I wanted to let you know about a new Story Group starting at the beginning of February. In the group we will explore questions such as: How do the stories of your life impact who you are? What can you learn from your stories of tragedy and loss? What is the larger story that your life is telling?

The group is for those who want to reflect on the stories of their past, particularly painful stories, for the sake of learning to love more deeply. Our most painful stories involve disruption of relationships. In response to this, we learn to relate to people in ways that can be self-protective and harmful. As a counselor, I see this group as a wonderful way to interact with people and learn from them how you impact others. Engaging in this group will give you the opportunity to create a community of people who will both encourage you in your journey and interact with you on the ways you are thwarting your own growth....I look forward to hearing from you and, perhaps, walking for a little way with you on your journey.

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California Girl said...

I'm willing to look at the stories of my life, but am not too thrilled about sharing them with others in a public setting. I suspect you will find out a lot about yourself.