Thursday, January 17, 2008

my npr deficiency

I would like to listen to a bit of intelligent radio now and again but I don’t like NPR. I even sort of hate its guts. I want to like it because it's what the smart, serious people listen to but to me it’s boring and in love with itself. Everyone loves This American Life but it’s a little slow for me, oh, and not that interesting. Does anyone out there know of interesting talk radio, apart from the love of my life, Adam Carolla? Can you guide me?

At the store last night I saw on the new issue of Martha Stewart that it has the best homemade bread recipe ever. Ever! I was tempted but I didn’t even look because I knew it would just hurt my self-esteem. Martha is just too perfect. I love it when Amy Sedaris is on her show because she always wears the cutest dresses and aprons and she takes the piss out of Martha ever so charmingly. e.g., Martha: “No, I don’t live alone! I have my dogs and cats and canaries.” Amy: “Oh, THOSE people.”

Judah and I were looking at Amy Sedaris’s “I Like You” book to get ideas for his birthday party and I read him her party game ideas. “It says here Gypsy is a game where you blindfold all the kids, drive them out to the middle of nowhere, then take of the blindfolds and the first one to find their way home wins.” Judah said “Ummm…no. I don’t think we should play that game.”


Shari said...

I confess I only started listening to NPR because my nerdy, super smart sister did and I thought it was the cool thing to do. Turns out it is the cool thing to do.
Love the Martha segment with Amy - what a riot!

juls said...

amy sedaris is on a local san francisco npr radio show next month called "city arts and lectures."

it's on npr and it's amy sedaris = do you think you would like it? hahaha just kidding giving you a hard time.

but city arts and lectures is pretty cool, it's a sf thing but it's probably broadcast in other markets. so do check it out. they had author sarah vowell on it too.

Carrie said...

This American Life--haaaaate it. But I crank up the NPR when I need some jazzy drivin' music. And scramble to change the station when they do their fear-mongering hourly news blitz. Scoobity bop bah!