Monday, March 8, 2010

best story ever

My friend Greg sent me this and I'm going to hell for loving it so much.

"Matt's boyfriend's mother's secretary lives in a small town in Iowa and she has a grown mentally challenged son living with her. And when I say grown, I'm talking like 6'3". Well, yesterday her son kept calling her at work saying "MOM!! I caught a TROLL!!!" and then hanging up. After about the fifth time, she told her boss that it's probably nothing but she should go home and check on her son.

When she got home she saw her bemused son crouched in front of the closet door, scooting Skittles underneath and clapping. She thought to herself that it was probably nothing but decided to open the door just in case. Upon opening the door she discovered a terrified midget/little person wearing a Census Volunteer badge. Apparently he had been walking around the neighborhood making sure everyone got their census forms.

True story."


Rye said...

That can't be real!!! Bawwaaahahahahahahaaa!

Chrissy said...

Crazy nuts! I want to hear the midget's side of the story so bad!