Saturday, March 20, 2010

best chocolate chip cookies ever

I found the best recipe for boutique-bakery-caliber chocolate chip cookies. They're better than Toll House, better than America's Test Kitchens, better than any I've ever made and I've made a bloody lot. The recipe is here!

I took pictures of the beautiful cookies like Pioneer Woman. They were just so purdy.


Trev said...

Me and my wife just made the cookies. So good!

I give them a 9/10 and my wife gives them a 6/10 (she's certain that her recipe is better).

The real test will be how good'n'squishy they are tomorrow...

stephy said...

What did you think the day after? I found them to hold up very well in the next-day-squishiness factor.

I want to try your wife's recipe.

Trev said...

Just had one, soooo good still. I think my wife is jealous! ha ha.

I'll try and get you the recipe.