Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the retribution

An update on the comment thread on Facebook wherein I was called an idiot (Adam still hasn't responded fyi). The thread meandered along with people saying nice things about Fox News and a few not nice things to me. After awhile I decided to play my trump card and I thought I'd share it here for any sympathizers' enjoyment and of course some schadenfreude. I wrote on the thread with UTMOST maturity (sarcasm there):

"Y'all ready for this? I'm actually on the Fox News payroll. Their company
Beliefnet asked to host my blog in which I write about conservatives, because I
used to be one of you. I know you better than you know yourselves! And I get to
write about it all in my Big Famous Blog® and cash Fox checks for dissecting the
conservative Christian thought process. Isn’t the universe strange? ANYhow, I’m
sure you all will massively enjoy my thoughts on it, because they’re all your

Then I linked to my blog. THAT’LL show them. Or it will at least bring me some traffic.


Rye said...

Hahahahahahhaha! That made my day.

Simone said...

They got SERVED! Nice one!

Jona said...

I keep reading this. It makes me remember when I was feeling like an idiot after someone called ME an idiot, and you commented on my blog that I was not an idiot. So, thank you, I needed that. And you are not an idiot.