Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stacey roger's major IBS attack and how she shared it with facebook

I love awful Facebook updates and I love Lamebook and WTF Christians for that reason. Three of my friends and I pass around the worst updates from our Christian friends who love to update about their hot godly husbands and how long their kid napped today. It's how we deal. So today J. sent this one which I believe takes the Facebook cake of all statuses I've seen, and she included the responses from people. I am delighted that two people "liked" it.


Stacey Rogers Major IBS attack....I love how my husband takes care of me when I am sick.
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Jennifer Pruitt IBS? I feel lame for not knowing what that is. I should since I know you. :-( Glad your sweet hubby was there for you.
Stacey Rogers Irritable Bowel Syndrome...I lovely gift from my Mom's side of the fam. I have been changing my eating habits and eating a lot of salad...last night we had salad and chili..my mom said I probably over fibered myself. Anyway..heading to bed...worn out at least the pain has let up a wee bit.
Jennifer Pruitt Oh thats right. Sorry I forgot. Sorry you are suffering from it too. Poor thing. Be better for Saturday. I wanna visit with you.

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Rye said...

I want pictures!!