Thursday, March 4, 2010


I forgot to write about my birthday! It was on February 9 and I turned 35. Yips, I'm 35! Book em Dano, I'm 3-5. Now I can be president.

presents from the kids and drawings by Lolly

David took this of me getting ready and I didn't know it

My cake, with Listerine in the background as ghetto liquor courtesy of Ben & Mel Parsons

Cake is my favorite food and I always make my birthday cakes myself because I don't trust it to anyone else. Except Costco. I LOVE Costco cake.

My birthday mug from Jason, he wrote my second favorite scene from The Room on it. The actual scene can be seen here.

My lovelies! Michele, Chrissy, me, Sheree, Jason, Davy, Carrie and Jose.

David gave me these glasses for my birthday, but that is Zooey wearing them here

Yay birthday! I wish you all could have come over. When I am President (which I can be because I'm 35 now) I will fly us all to Mexico for a month and we'll stay in a resort I'll pay you for your lost wages and we will just lie around and eat cake and play Uno. xoxoxoxo


Rye said...

1. That cake is sick in a good way.
2. I love your kids' pictures.
3. That mug makes me happy.

Jennifer said...

I could cry at the idea of leaving for Mexico for a month...sigh...
Happy 35th! Can't wait to see the glasses on your face.

Still Breathing said...

Many Happy (Belated) Returns - OR -
I should have spotted this from Faqcebook :(

Glad you had a good day.

35? I can't remember back that far having just turned 56!

Chrissy said...

Excellent! I volunteer to run your campaign on the East Coast. Can we play drinking Uno in Mexico? That's what me and Anam play if we pregame. It's easy. Drink 2x for draw 2. 4x for draw 4. Drink 1x if you're skipped or reversed. And 1x if you have no move and have to draw. I tried to say that whoever loses has to finish all the drinks, but we live in a real house, not a frat house, so Anam said no. Being the submissive live-in girlfriend that I am, I humbly comply to his rules.
Are you guys holding tambourines in those drawings?

Bets said...

That cake looks completely awesome! Happy belated birthday.