Monday, November 12, 2007

learned helplessness

Lee said this today and it was so funny and timely.

Learned helplessness is nasty, pervasive, and tiring to deal with. And I'm probably being generous in my application of the label—rather than true learned helplessness, sometimes people just want the world to participate in their fixations and narcissism, making any deviation from the pictures in their heads into incomprehensible, insurmountable obstacles.

Prescription: high dosage of Cope & Deal, with a tall glass of Shut The Hell Up to be ingested until said dosage takes full effect.

I want to be better at identifying harmful people. The line is blurry for me but I'm trying to get better. Why can't I just STOPPIT!?

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Simone said...

Ag and I were talking about my nuttiness yesterday because I was all anxious in the stomach for no obvious reason and I explained my history of this (like how I'd get stomach aches on my birthday when I was a kid and the outing would have to be cancelled) and she was saying I just needed to talk myself out of it. I then showed her the "STOP IT!" video. They're both right.