Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm so excited about Thanksgiving, Bobby & Julie are coming up from San Francisco and I can't wait. During a meeting at work today I drew all the stuff I'm going to cook so I could get a visual. Here's the meeting handout I drew on, I'm going to show you what a dork I am just in case you weren't clear.

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We've been writing down what we're thankful for and putting it in a jar and at Thanksgiving dinner we'll read them. Tonight Lolly said she is thankful for Addie's birthday party that is coming up, and Judah "I'm thankful for our house...and turkey...and Bobby and Julie coming here.'

Simone has been thinking up new Harry Potter Jelly Belly flavors which I guess are gross, the Harry Potter thing is one of the few bits of pop culture I'm not really interested in, but anyway David came up with some flavors of his own and they made me laugh so hard I was coughing. Here are my personal favorites of his:

German Shepherd

Cream of Federline

Aluminum Fork

Dysen-Teri Schiavo


Flintstone Vitamin

Tuna Melt

Yellow Curry

Wet Cigar

Aspirin Schnapps

Shower drain hair clump

Warm jog bra

Lee Press-On nail

Throbbing Diaper

Underwear Sand

Seaweed 'n Foreskin

Retirement Home Bathwater

Moth Flitting in Ranch Dressing

Meatloaf Dishrag

Soiled Cucumber

Tiffani-Amber Lesion

Vulture Yogurt

Pants Pudding

Productive cough

Nicole Ritchie


Carrie said...

Tiffani-Amber Lesion!! I'm puking with laughter!

bandwidow said...

gag reflex on some of those! that guy is clever! i like your thankful jar idea.

bandwidow said...

PS I couldn't place them at first, but your drawings are very Royal Tenenbaums-esque

ShariMacD said...

Hahahaha, I love these! When are you submitting them to McSweeney's?