Wednesday, November 21, 2007

fried butter balls

I went looking for turkey gravy instructions and came across Paula Deen's fried butter ball recipe. I still can't believe it's real because Carrie and David have this thing with making fun of her and saying "Coming up next, my butter-soaked butter balls with butter au jus." I didn't think she'd actually made them! I hope she makes fried Crisco balls next. I just love Paula. I fancy myself her bastard child. I made her 7-layer red velvet cake tonight, for Thxgvg tomorrow. Judah tasted the batter and said "I think it tastes a bit perfect." Then when he saw all the layers he said "Oh my super gosh! I don't want to say this, but...that looks super yummy. I want to say a bad word or something."

I heart Thanksgiving. Macy's day parade, chex mix, devilled eggs, and the onslaught of food and the first day of playing Christmas music. Oh and let's not forget Black Friday. I put a song about it at my myspace, "the biggest shopping day of the year" from the record "Are you there, God? It's me, Tennis Pro." I'm thankful for my sanity (what there is of it) and my continence. These are easy to take for granted, but seriously, what if you didn't have either of them? Thank you Jesus in the sky for sanity and continence the world over! And for corndogs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Looking for Paula's 7-layer red velvet cake recipe and your blog came up in my search. Can't seem to find it on Food Network's site.
If you could tell me where I could find the recipe, it would really help!