Monday, November 5, 2007

thoughts on the mark driscoll video below

David said this about the Mark Driscoll video on the "chickified church":

Remember when King David banged that hot chick that wasn't his wife. That was bad ass. Way less chickified than when he weeped and cried and felt sorry about it.

Remember how Jesus treated women as equals in his healing and ministry, even though it was culturally unacceptable. That was so.... oh wait. That was pretty chickified.

But remember when the manly pharisees were so innovative as to drag that adultress out of bed and bring her to Jesus and Jesus told them that the person without sin should cast the first stone. That was pretty manly... or wait. That was weak. What a chick thing to do.

David's best friend Rich said this about it:

Yeah! Mark Driscoll is so right! Like the time when Jesus was such a weakling and told Peter to put down his sword and the time he let people kill him in an undignified way instead of pulling out an uzi and busting up shit up on their Roman and religious asses! I think that really hurt our faith...Well...I guess it was before our faith begun, but maybe it is Jesus' fault for beginning our faith with an act of weakness and LOSING - how lame! And why when they were accusing him was he so silent. He should have bitch slapped those mofos. Blessed are the meek my ass! That must of been a scribal error. Blessed are the meek. Tell that to Iraqis! Ha! Blessed are the poor. Yeah, whatever. Ever been to Darfur? Way to go Driscoll! DUDE!

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