Wednesday, November 14, 2007

mommy all-time career high

I got the best letter from Rilian's preschool teacher. She goes to Judah's old preschool and he's a big kindergardener now, but he didn't have school yesterday so he helped out at preschool. His teacher sent me this and I'm so happy I just have to post it.

I was going to email you about Judah. We loved having him help in class today! He came in with the attitude, "I'm a helper. I'm not here to play." Erin dumped rice all over the floor and Judah spend forever sweeping it up. He kept asking what he could do. At circle time he answered questions about Joseph and his colorful coat and when we were singing the younger kids kept looking at him as their example. He was so grown up! I remember his first day of preschool when he and Eowyn dumped cornmeal all over the floor and jumped up and down in it. He's come full circle! And his feet are almost as big as mine! (Quite the stylish shoes by the way.)
I don't know if Rilian told you but Erin pulled the back of her hair today. At circle time Rilian wasn't sitting on her animal spot so Erin was trying to get her to sit using unconventional methods. It didn't even seem to faze Rilian. You can tell she's used to being around other kids because she's definitely not a wimp and sticks up for herself.
You and David have done such a great job with your kids. You should be proud!


juls said...

Joan rocks and so do you! xoxo

Simone said...

Good parenting AND good styling! Bravo!

bandwidow said...

(sniff) good work mama.

Sin Bin Baby said...

I praise your non-traditional parenting style (that whole letting them go to bed after Chelsea Handler and all), as well as keeping your lunch down after reading that someone named their child "Eowyn". I could not, and have to stone-wash the keyboard.