Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mark driscoll's glory hole

The Stranger ran this article about Mark Driscoll. John told me it’s probably not good for my blood pressure to be reading this stuff. I’m repulsed and yet I can’t look away!

David came in here and said "Let's watch Hot Fuzz" and I said okay and THEN Oprah came on and it is the holiday special favorite things episode! (said in Oprah's hollering voice) where she gives away shitloads of the raddest prizes ever! David moaned with misery and collapsed onto the floor while I jittered with joy. Just the sound of Oprah's voice pains him.

Here is your new favorite video, I know it’s mine!


bandwidow said...

is that video affiliated with the sweet potato queens?

stephy said...

I don't think so, it's from the girl who does gemsweater.com