Tuesday, November 27, 2007

radio love/hate

Driving home a familiar song came on and I couldn’t remember what it was so I was waiting for the singing to start. It sounded like it might be “Crazy” by Seal and reminded me of 1992 and I was in the mood to hear that one. The intro was taking forever, then STING STARTED SINGING! It was “if I ever lose my faith in you” and I felt violated for having listened to it for as long as it did when it was Sting. Then I wondered why I felt so violated. Maybe I should ask TheRapist about this. Maybe she'll say "Cause you were listening to Sting."


Simone said...

That's horrible. I was watching VH1 Classic on the weekend and a Police song came on and I asked Gregg "Who LIKES Sting?" God, he's awful, and I agree, violating. It is simply beyond my vivid imagination to envision someone merrily bopping along to that aural treachery.

D. Lee Grooms said...

So the artistic difference between Sting and Seal is…?

stephy said...

I don't love music based on its artistic merit, so I have no answer for why I will accept Crazy by Seal and nothing by Sting.