Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i'm the pterodactyl whisperer

We were watching Flight of the Conchords and they have a superfan who stalks them and annoys them like crazy. I saw myself in her and started saying “Oh no, Supergrass hates me.” Then the stalker’s husband said from the car “Can we go now honey? It’s cold out here.” David said “Ha ha, that's you and Supergrass, and that is totally me sitting in that car!” But I know he likes them as much as I do, he is just not vocal about it. He said “I wonder what Supergrass thinks about their three biggest fans being two married chicks and a lesbian?” (meaning me and the two other psycho uber fans we know.) We decided that their girlfriends are probably happy about it. (Here is a clip of Flight of the Conchords, their stalker appears about 2 ½ minutes into it.)

My coworker who used to be a barista told me today to order a chai latte made with egg nog. I cannot wait to try this. Chai nog! I just love the word nog. Okay, this his how she said to order it: a tall (or whatever size), no water, eggnog chai tea latte please. Ha ha, she specified to say please. I never say chai tea, just chai cause I figure that means tea so it seems like saying "chai tea" is like saying "PIN number" or something. Hmm. I have to ask her about my paranoia of asking for lattes to be 130 degrees. It won't burn your callow mouth parts at 130 degrees, but I'm afraid of being the harried uppity soccer mom bossing around the barista with a million tiny coffee specifications while she's trying to contain her Heelys-wearing kids and herd them into her Yukon.

Carrie just told me about this Texas restaurant in Ballard! Nilla wafer banana pudding and barbecue breakfast tacos! And they have Shiner Bock! I’ve never found that anywhere up here and it's the only beer I really like. I like the quote about their chicken fried steak: “You have to tenderize the living shit out of it.” And also cook it in Crisco, I say. I don’t tenderize it myself but I have the butcher run it through the cuber. That makes sure it’s perfect. Yee haw!


bandwidow said...

- i think i've actually seen the oregon chai box brand with eggnog in the stores!

-i'm with you on "specialty ordering" coffee, i'll almost order as if i'm putting them out...i don't want 'extras' in my drink...

- and yes, shiner bock is special

juls said...

i always say "chai tea" and everyone tells me it's completely unnecessary. but you are all wrong!

Melissa said...

Parents who allow their children to wear those damn heelies deserve to fall and have their heads cracked open. Not the kids heads, the parents.

If only they had soy-nog at coffee shops. I can't explain how excited I am when I see that stores finally have it each year!