Monday, December 3, 2007

but singing seems to work fine for me

Two nights ago at bedtime Lolly requested, as usual, the “cowboy song” which means Sweet Baby James. When I got to the line “now the first of December was covered with snow” I realized it was the first of December, and it had snowed buckets for the first time all year. I always sing Austin instead of Boston, like James Taylor did when I saw him in Austin way back when.

Last night she asked for the cowboy song again, and after the first verse she held her hand up and said “That’s enough. Now, Yellow Submarine.” So I sang that until she said “That’s enough mommy. Now, Blackbird.” Then after having enough of that one she said “Okay, now the cowboy song.” And I sang that one again and she flopped over and said “good night, mommy. I love you so much. We a flam-ily.”

Did you see Brad Pitt on the Today show? Me neither, but here it is, and it makes me like him quite a lot.

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