Monday, December 17, 2007


I have a dear friend who sent me this email and I asked her permission to put it at my blog - she said yes, so I thought I’d post it because it's poignant. She’s lived a lot and has a lot of heart.
In my previous marriage Stephanie, church involvement was a high priority for my husband. My parents were good people and we all were raised with church activities being an integral part of our lives. But I will never forget the one time my mother spoke to me about "being a Christian". She told me that while some professed their faith their actions were not always consistent with Christ's teachings. I saw that evolve in my marriage because my husband professed a calling but his actions spoke otherwise. Over the course of my 61 years I have witnessed others and we all of course can read or listen to all the misguided souls who use their faith as a "coat of many colors".

The biblical passage of "Faith, Hope and Charity or Love" in some texts gives us the very ground rules for following Christ. If these are not part of ones outward expression of living then from His teachings one cannot consider "them" to be Christians.

Some people do not have the capacity to express love. Some cannot by their genetic makeup- others by experience. Because I can feel and express love I cannot fathom how those that cannot must feel. How empty their lives must be. And in that case they have to fill this void with what they deem is "love" for mankind. Using the church must be how [certain people] survive themselves. And to not "suffer the little children to come unto me" must be a void that can best be described as hell on earth.

For you to have the capacity to love others, especially David, Judah and Lollie is a blessing- it is Grace. For you to love [these people] - the ability to love without reciprocation- is being Christian. While one can only want all to love them in return, I would want only the love of the innocent (pure)- and accept the attempt of love by the guilty (sinner).

I am so very sorry that [they] are this way- I truly pity them. And so must you. But, for you to "live" allow only those that truly love you into your life and rejoice in their gifts. And for those that cannot love you give them up to the Lord as only He can help them.

More later, and sent with so much agape


P.S. My stepdaughter calls me Mumsey!

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