Sunday, December 2, 2007

need fema's help

David is in California and I'm a single parent for the weekend. This morning Judah piled so much toilet paper in the toilet it got clogged and then I discovered Lolly with a paintbrush and vaseline, she had painted her hair and also the wall (with vaseline). After a Surprise Bath she ran naked upstairs and I let her because I was exHORSTed, then she came back downstairs covered in Cool Whip, and the couch was covered in cool whip too.

That wasn't even half of it. I texted David and told him to get a vasectomy on his way home.


bandwidow said...

Oh my STARS!!! I'm getting back in the single mom mind set as well, loosing my Dave for another 2 weeks.

Jamie Brouwer said...

Ya'll need to move in with your parents.

ShariMacD said...

Man, there must be something in the air. I'm single mom this week, too. YOU ARE SCARING ME.