Wednesday, December 12, 2007

nine years

Nine years ago today we got married in Wichita Falls, Texas.

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I'm happy to say we're still going strong.

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bandwidow said...


What no bows on your dress?!?


stephy said...

haha! ann-krestene, i remember we first met when you were shopping for a wedding dress, and i told you my delimma with finding a bow-free dress in texas!
the cake is proof that everything's bigger in tx..

bandwidow said...


Kami Crawford said...

Happy 9th!!! That's quite an achievement. And that is a HUGE cake. My gosh. How much actually got eaten?

Steve said...

Congrats yall!

That "Cat in the Hat" cack rocks!

juls said...

happy anniversary! i'm sorry i missed that big day, i had finals! i'm really sorry i missed that cake :)

Carrie said...

Needs more cake.

California Girl said...

Love the cake...'Steve' said it best - very Cat in the Hat! And congratulations on your anniversary! Where I currently live, if someone makes it six months I am surprised. Good for you!

Ashley said...

I loved seeing these pics from your wedding! No joke, that is the BIGGEST cake I've ever seen! You look just like you did in high school...and gorgeous as ever!

OK, you've probably heard this a bizillion times, but I saw Tim Robbins interviewed on TV the other night. He looks SO much like David!