Saturday, June 20, 2009

stuff christians like vs. stuff christian culture likes. the gloves are off!

Every few days I get a comment on my christian culture blog that says something like this one I just got on my first entry about Day-Timers:

"Someone was doing this before you, and doing it way better. Sorry, this blog seems like a big ripoff, especially since the other one has a major book deal on the way."

It hurts my feelers, as much as I wish it didn't. People say "oh whatever" and "f the haters" and I can't do that very well, at least not anymore, part of that is an inconvenient byproduct of being in therapy and not turning off your feelings anymore but paying attention to them and crap. It's kinda funny that these people don't see that at the top of the blog I link to both the first Stuff Christians Like and also Stuff White People Like but I can see how it would be easy to miss. I got the idea for the christian culture blog after reading the Stuff White People Like book last summer and I didn't know about the SCL blog until I google image searched side hugs for my side hug entry and found a picture on his site. Nobody has to believe that, I realize, and I want to be fine with that (as therapist would say) but since I'm not that's my pride f'ing with me (as Marcellus Wallace would say). When I found that guy's site (his name is Jon) I emailed him and told him I wanted to acknowledge him as the first and he was very gracious about it.

Anyway, here's a sweet email Jon from SCL sent me a few weeks ago, I thought I'd post it here for whatever reason.

From: Jonathan Acuff
To: Stephanie Drury
Date: May 22, 2009
Subject: Jon from Stuff Christians Like


This is Jon from Stuff Christians Like. Hopefully you never get hateful emails from people about who started the stuff Christians like concept first. I got a really hateful email from a Christian halfway around the world today about how I was evilly ripping off Stuff White People Like. And after I read it, I thought, "I need to send an email to Stephy and make sure she knows we're cool." So that's all I wanted to say today, you and I are cool. I'm glad you've kept at your site and are continuing to share your writing talent with your readers. Christianity and life and God are much too big for just one take on the whole thing and I'm pumped that you've added your voice to the conversation.

Have a great weekend

Jon Acuff

I wrote him this back.

Hey Jon!

Thanks for writing me! Yeah, you totally had the idea first, and I get emails sometimes telling me that I'm ripping you off. So, thanks for emailing and saying all that, I think we're onto something good, which is to point out that Jesus and his Church (big C) aren't what the current culture emphasizes oftentimes. I'm a fan of your site!

And, HOW ANNOYING IS THE SMOKIN HOTT WIFE THING?! I love that you write about it too!


So, for whatever that's worth. I'm just glad for that Jon guy and how nice he is. It's so nice to find people like him in a cold and desolate cyberspace (as Supergrass would say).


Laura Toepfer said...

That's truly lovely. It's so...what's the word?...Christian. Imagine.

juls said...

there's no laws on the intra-net.
your blog is better anyway!

Mary said...

People are silly in internet land. My fav. was the "Anonymous" person who was trying to pick a fight with me about my polical musings and wouldn't leave a name. Sigh. Head up young person.

Still Breathing said...

As you know I love your blog even though some of it doesn't apply in the UK. Whatever you post makes me think nabout how we muddle our culture and faith.

Simone said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys are cool! And when does Supergrass say that?

stephy said...

Mick says that at the very bottom of the childrenofthemonkeybasket page in tiny font, I think it's the last sentence, about if you copy anything it's extremely flattering and a small acknowledgement would 'go a long way towards warmth in a cold and desolate cyberspace' or something. :)

Anonymous said...

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