Sunday, June 21, 2009

more mark driscoll

Omg. Here's a story someone just sent me a link to.


Still Breathing said...

GULP!!!! I just don't believe this guy. He is obviously obsessed with sex and is doing something I hate to prove he is right - taking a verse out of context, from a translation that suits his viewpoint and building a complete theology on it.

There are times when it is right for a Christian to be angry and this is one of them.

stephy said...

Hugh, thanks for being angry. I think people need to be angry about this. And he's got a really big following. All the 'emergent', 'resurgent' church movement and the Acts 29 movement is based on his church model and lots of men revere him.
(I talk about Mark Driscoll a lot in therapy, if that gives you a bit context.)

Still Breathing said...

Good luck with the therapy - it would have been easy to say that you should ignore Mark Driscoll but there are 2 good reasons why you can't. First someone who corrupts the Christian Gospel to the point that they encourage the abuse of women (that one video was enough to confirm what I suspected) must be stopped. Secondly I suspect you couldn't ignore him and be true to yourself.

The odd thing to me is that the emergent church people I have come across here in the UK have all been the opposite of Mark Driscoll - calm, quiet people with a deep and well thought out faith.