Sunday, June 7, 2009

mock yeah ing yeah bird yeah

Well I'll be dog, I won Grapes of Rad's photo contest. I don't really win things, I won my 8th grade talent show for playing piano (Solfegietto by C.P.E. Bach, I remember cause it was a mouthful) and then the winning stopped. Maybe this is my resurgence. I'm resurgent like Mark Driscoll. Just kidding. I hope not.

I just love that a judge would even have to make a ruling that a consumer would know that crunchberries are not real.

Clip number one for your excellent enjoyment! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 'Dancing in the Street'

Clip number two. Beach Boys 'I Can Hear Music'

One of my happiest memories is when my sister visited me at college and we both slept in my dorm bed and we woke up and without getting out of bed called people and sang Mockingbird on about twelve people's answering machines. She would sing "bird" exactly like Jim Carrey did and it still kills me.

Tonight I finished reading A Clockwork Orange with the last chapter they initially cut out and I finally know how it was supposed to end. That movie and the book get a bad rap, at least I didn't know what it's really about, I just knew that the movie is super freaky but the book reminded me of Brave New World and A Great Divorce. Now I want chai cause he keeps talking about 'hot milky chai' and I've been thinking in nadsat, I want to call my hands rookers and my brain my rassadoorock and eggs eggiwegg and all that. Your Humble Narrator thinks eggiwegg might stick actually. A real horrorshow slovo. O my brothers.


Jona said...

You shut it! You won Neil Hamburger's joke contest, with a joke I never got to hear, which is how I remember that because "a joke I've never heard" is kind of a sad thing.

stephy said...

Oh yeah, I DID win Neil Hamburger's joke contest! Okay, are you ready? It's really horrible. It's for Neil Hamburger.

Q: Why did Heath Ledger called Mary-Kate Olson as he lay dying?
A: He wanted some advice on how to throw up all those pills he'd just taken.

Thank you folks, I'll be here all week.

Amo said...

My sister and I used to watch "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" everyday after school. My favorite part is the DTV Dance-Off when they play "Dancing in Heaven" and "Technique". When Janie and Jeff do the back handsprings and back flips at the end, I still get goosebumps. Seriously. I really do.

Still Breathing said...

I saw A Clockwork Orange years ago and read the book a couple of years later. One thing that really struck me was that the film didn't do the book justice. I thought the film was rather shallow but the book had a lot more depth and meaning - although too many years have intervened for me to remember why.