Thursday, June 11, 2009

deez grapes

I really can't get enough Grapes of Rad. It's passed even my love for Adam Carolla's podcast and the Scott Mills Daily. I'm going backwards through all of them. I think I'm on #27 now. I'll be sad when there are no more archives I've not heard and I'll actually have to wait every week for them to get made.

There comes a special time in a young lady's life when you want to find out what people Google to get to your blog. My stats counter thing says that what most people google to get to this blog is the term "MAC Ruby Woo." But what gets the most people to my Christian culture blog are these exact phrases:

Is it bad for Christians to wank?

Quilted bible covers

“side hugs”

Mens frosted tips

Should Christians listen to coldplay

Christian teachings with free powerpoints and stuff

Can Christians dry sex?


Jona said...

My Wordpress blog shows daily stats for search engine terms. Mine are usually nasty...the other day the only two search terms were "ethiopian cunts" and "nipple."

I got kind of mad for a minute, like, Oh that's what I am to you, huh, Internet???

Amo said...

How do you sign up for a stats counter thing?

stephy said...

I don't think blogger has one built in like wordpress so go to

ioncehadpartedhair said...

Ah, I remember googling "Can you masturbate and still be a Christian?" at age twelve or so.

And then "Can you be gay and still be a Christian?" at age thirteen or so.

stephy said...

Hugs to you Steven.

juls said...

OMG dry sex! i love it my favorite kind!

Simone said...

I didn't know sitmeter told us that! That's all I'll do with my time now. I'm delighted I may have helped someone with this query: "game where you make a circle and punch them"