Tuesday, June 2, 2009

grapes of rad

Oh, and one of my favorite podcasts mentioned my christian culture blog! They were one of my favorites even before they mentioned me, but now they're EXTRA my favorite. It turns out I met one of the Grapes of Rad guys (Aaron) at the Dave Bazan house show (and by met I mean that David talked to him). It was that show where someone asked Bazan "Where do you go when you close your eyes?" which delighted/frightened me and I wrote about it on here. Thankfully that guy wasn't Aaron. But I didn't know at the time he did that podcast and he didn't know at the time that I do the christian culture blog, but now we know, and I heart that podcast, man. Fresh beats and hilarity and amazing links and no pretention. Yay!

And Aaron (or was it Ben?) took this picture in the Wallingford QFC and it blinds me with its brilliance. I love this so much.

Okay so I get my mention here on episode #35, right at the 53 minute mark. This could be the start or something beautiful, or more likely, the rapid decline of my christian blog into oblivion and apathy. Let's close in prayer.


Aaron said...

It was Ben. Thanks, Stephy.

Laura Toepfer said...

Awesome! Both the butter photo AND that you get mentioned in a podcast that you didn't pimp for. Or to be grammatically correct, a podcast for which you did not pimp. Well deserved, too.

stephy said...

Good on you Ben, then!

Hahaha a podcast for which I did not pimp! Not that I am above pimping. I am somewhat above being grammatically correct, though.

ioncehadpartedhair said...



THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kimmib said...

This is how I found out about your blog stuff christian culture likes. And I love it! :) Thanks so much for the comment on my page about my anonymous commenter. I appreciate the support against douche bags haha.

stephy said...

Oh yay! I love how blogs lead to blogs and you find new good ones and all that. Thanks for liking my christian culture blog! You were very diplomatic to the anonymous biker douche, very nice. :)