Thursday, June 18, 2009

add 17 things to the first 101

The first 101 things were sorta yawn so some...people (unnamed at their request) came up with some new ones to add. But I'm not brave enough to bold the ones I've done so I'll just do it in my head. You do it too!

Have you ever:

1. Warned incoming public restroom users that someone stunk up the bathroom when it was in fact yourself
2. Sat in a bus seat reserved for old people
3. Tried dog food
4. Watched neighbors through binoculars
5. Talked animatedly and profanely at the TV
6. Purposely antagonized another driver
7. Accepted a marijuana cookie from a stranger in an elevator
8. Pooped pants in the last year
9. Cleaned ear with a key
10. Worn a toe ring
11. Sharted at work
12. Picked teeth with fingernail clipping
13. Didn't know when to use there, they're, their
14. Burped your first and last name
15. Gotten swamp ass
16. Given head at church camp
17. Voted for George Bush (either one)

Today I went to the zoo and tomorrow I'm going again. It is my opinon that the zoo smell is the big downside to what I'm told is the otherwise cultured and decent activity of zoo-going. Other than the smell it's totally fun. Right? It's so super cute to watch kids get excited about the animals. My favorites I saw today were the cornsnake and the fruit bats. CORNSNAKE! WHY DO THEY CALL IT THAT? That name is so funny! And also...FRUIT BAT. Carrie found time in her busy schedule to make me this thoughtful picture in Paint. Aww Carrie!

Simone guessed correctly when she ventured I'd want to see this: "I thought you would like this review of this documentary airing in Australia called "The Perfect Vagina". SBS is the hub for foreign films, artsy stuff and weird documentaries. It's great and it's government funded!"


Simone said...

18. Thought you invented masturbating.

stephy said...

Simone's idea: for the win!!!

juls said...

sad to say i've only done #5 and #5. i definitely need to live more!

stephy said...

I've done 12 of those things, I'm not saying which