Monday, June 29, 2009

oh my

A friend sent this to me today:
so umm. can you not write stuff of that "extremity" on my wall. i personally don't care and you can send me whatever messages you want but not all of my 600+ "friends" and relatives share/understand/appreciate your brand of humor. you are too edgy and out of the box for some of them. thanks for understanding (assuming you do).
And I had been trying to tone it down and keep it safe. Am I really that strange to people? Calling therapist...


juls said...

i hate the word edgy.

Rye said...

People get you. Trust.

stephy said...

I really feel like most of the time they don't. But thanks

Mumsy said...

I think most people get you, Stephy. I also think you should forward your friend's message to

stephy said...

Thanks Mumsy, and I love!
Unfortunately the note I got was pretty direct and non-passive but maybe it could go on the fail blog?

thepinkylinks said...

I MUST know what you wrote to get that response! MUST KNOW!


stephy said...

Gimme your email and I'll tell you. I think people might be hawking around here and see it and freak out again, you never know.
I'm working on a post of things that friends and I have done on facebook that have gotten us in some sort of social trouble. Watch this space!

Lauren said...

I think that some people will get you and some people won't -- that's just the way it is. For the record, I get you and I like you just the way you are.

kami said...

For the record Steph: I get you and I like you. I also had to laugh at your friends comment cause I'm pretty sure there's not a passive bone in Ben. I took them all :)

stephy said...

Aww thanks Kami! xoxoxox
I talked about this in therapy today. My therapist is like "Yeah, you're a lightning rod."
Thank goodness for no passivity in Ben. Passivity is no good! xoxo

Team Wolfisaki said...

Ohh, that's a compliment! And you're awesome!

Ben said...

oh steph, i was tipped of to this post by my wife and just cannot contain myself.

juls - yeah sorry, it was an inside joke from earlier that day

Rye - It is simply not true that "people get" stephanie. Some people maybe, most people even. But not (all) people.

Mumsy - are you joking? If so, LOL. If not,you do not understand the situation or you do not understand what "passive aggressive" means. But that's ok because I have time to explain it to you.

Person A writes something on person B's facebook wall that some random people find offensive.

Person B deletes the wall post and sends Person A a personal message explaining why they felt like they had to in a hope that a similar situation would not happen again.

Person A blogs about it inviting a whole random mess of people (including yourself) who have nothing to do with anything to discuss the issue on the INTERNET without notifying person B

POP QUIZ Based upon this information who would you say is acting in a passive aggressive manner?

BUT in your defense, I also agree that is a fun site to visit.

Lauren - I agree with you 100%

Kami - I have to agree with you because you are my wife

Steph - I agree with your therapist. You are a "lightening rod"

oh, steph, by the way, as far as my comments to mumsy, I don't care that you posted this on your blog and I know that you know that I don't care that you posted this on your blog AND I appreciated your emails so this was in no way meant to whatever you know what I'm trying to say.

Christa said...

I love you and get you and am glad I know you and I will never ask you to tone anything down, ever. I promise. Besides, that would be hilarious, coming from me.