Tuesday, June 9, 2009

dave matthews bandwidth

Killorn's facebook status yesterday was

Killorn is looking for awesome wireless network name suggestions, as she has
decided to retire "Welcome to the Bunghole". GO.
Then David then came up with all these.

Get Your Own Internet
Pedophile Junction
Thanks For Your Credit Card Info
Close Your Blinds, Fatty
Meth Lab Rookie
Where's Grandma?
One Hand Free To Drive My Van
Foster Home For Dogs With IBS
The Mexican Cartel Will Never Find Me Here
Queef Artiste
Yogurt On My Curtains
Off The Sewer Grid
Proudly Canadian
Dave Matthews Bandwidth
I Don't Remember Eating Corn
Back Tattoos And Yeast
Mama Grape
Freelance Kidney Finder
Knocking On Doors For Jesus!

She ended up naming it David Drury's House of Internet.

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