Friday, October 31, 2008

this came at the perfect time

A dear friend from back home sent me this email. It arrived just as I was on the verge of tears from the onslaught of anti-Obama stuff I get from conservative friends. This touched me so because it was my same feelings. I love you sweet friend! (anonymity protected to ensure her physical safety)

Stephanie, I just need to unload. With another displaced southerner. If ONE more person from my extended family or ONE more conservative christian friend sends me ONE more email about Obama being a baby killing terrorist I think I'm going to cut them off. I'm not kidding. I'm realizing that many of my peeps are soooooo much dumber than I thought. It is a sad and maddening fact. Thank you, my southern friend, for not being stupid. I love you.


Rye said...

My family is the same, except for the displaced Southerner status. Yeah, I don't care for John McCain and his politics and I never liked Bush...but I also didn't hate on my friends that support(ed) those candidates. This election, more than any other, is really bringing to light some ugly qualities in some of the people I thought I knew well. Stay strong. Tuesday is almost here.

zack said...

Thought you might enjoy this:

Charles Dean said...

It's been interesting talking to many of my friends about this election cycle. There is alot of anger, hatred and lies that I've heard people direct to Obama. It does make me sad.

But I've also had a number of people who are conservative Christians who have decided that they aren't going to hell if they vote DEM. And that they understand that life has much more to do with being not born yet.

One more day.

Jamie B. said...

Well, I just voted for McCain. But to me it has nothing to do with Obama the person, but his philosophy of government. Though I disagree with your presidential choice, I still love you Steph.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the hatred and name calling is a two way street.

I hope, if elected, Obama will be a great president, but for now, I have my doubts.

stephy said...

Jamie, I would hope you have have doubts about any presidential candidate. They're not god-figures, they're human. I have my doubts about Obama too.
I just want to be heard. I feel so marginalized and dismissed by conservatives. It's so painful.
PS - your wife rules.