Thursday, October 30, 2008

fox news girls are all hot. all of them. the same kind of hot though. you know?

Megyn Kelly doesn't seem like someone I want to hang out with...

Here's an article from The American Conservative about why this conservative guy is voting for Obama. Kinda interesting, to me anyway. And here's one more thing where NPR analyzes Obama's worldview. For whatever that's worth I thought it was interesting too.

And here are two other things I thought were interesting. If you have small children nearby maybe get them away from the screen. I pulled a muscle laughing about these. I'm going to hell, save me a seat.




the nibbling marmot said...
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bandwidow said...

Wasn't that vicious! Nasty nasty woman. And so defensive!

Jona said...

Oh wow. I would like to rip Megan's throat out. But perhaps I would just be really nice and polite to her...that seems to get under her skin.

My favorite part is "WE DON'T HAVE an agenda! Our agenda is to report the news fair and balanced..."