Thursday, October 16, 2008

signage! signage!

The other day I was laughing about when Gregg was saying Dave Navarro was going to be a judge on the new Gong Show and he went: "His whole LIFE should be gonged."

Gregg said I could post his letter to Marriott if it would help keep them from distributing their evil brand of signage. Let's join forces to keep this form of evil from perpetuating itself! I was dying laughing that he actually wrote the letter, then the Marriott guy wrote back and I'm dying laughing all over again!

From: Gregg Turkington
To: Marriott Courtyard
Date: Tuesday, Oct 14, 2008 13:34:22
Subject: Courtyard by Marriott Do Not Disturb signs

I travel upwards of 100 nights a year and am a huge fan of Courtyard by Marriott. While I stay in almost all the various chains in my travels, I always recommend Courtyard as the single most consistent hotel brand out is completely reliable, with no deviation in quality from location to location. I love it! In fact, in many cities, I often prefer the Courtyard by Marriott hotels to the Marriott flagship brand hotels. In any case, I wanted to make a complaint about your new "Do Not Disturb" signs. I guess some foolish consultant there decided that a simple "Do Not Disturb" was not flashy enough, because at my recent stay at the Courtyard at the Knoxville airport, I found that the signs now read "I need Me time" or something to that effect. How obnoxious! I am not Paris Hilton, or Dr. Phil, or some spoiled narcissist. I'm just trying to sleep! The notion of "Me time" is not cute, nor funny, nor charming. It's just annoying. Do you really think that the average Courtyard customer speaks that way? I somehow doubt it. Is it really "Me time" to simply want to sleep without being disturbed? Ditch the "Me time" garbage and bring back the trusty and inert "Do Not Disturb" signs. (And incidentally, the new signs didn't work--the maid knocked on my door in the morning while I was trying to sleep.)

From: Fred Bullard
To: Gregg Turkington
Date: Oct 16, 2008 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: Courtyard by Marriott Do Not Disturb signs

Dear Mr. Turkington :

I want to take the time to thank you for choosing the Marriott Courtyard for your overnight travel to the Alcoa area. The Courtyard team has done extensive research into our future direction and brand voice. I would not totally disagree with your observations at this time. However, I know that with time I may change my mind concerning our new direction and our new signage including the Do Not Disturb sign which we just received. Finally , I apologize for our room attendant who missed the new signage and disturbed you during your stay.

Fred Bullard CHA
General Manager
Courtyard by Marriott Alcoa Airport



Rye said...

Absolutely amazing! I'm inspired to write more letters like I did after reading all the Ted L. Nancy books. The stiff responses (yes, I said stiff) from companies are priceless.

dav said...

Why is the typing so small on the signs? Were they afraid they were going to hurt the feelings of the maid?