Monday, October 27, 2008

our weekend at the oregon coast

That's D & J way out there...


...and again at sunset.


I’ve been thinking about gay marriage lately because the California vote on it is going to take place soon. I think that if we live in a democracy, it should be legal. It’s not going to hurt straight marriages or God’s design of marriage. If God exists, his design can’t be thwarted by a law. What can man do to me? said the psalmist. Christians talk about anti-gay stuff and are very adverse to it, but I think they/we are missing the fact that God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah not because of the gayness and sodomy festivals and homo-olympics, it was because they didn't listen to him. And how often do Christians who have a major problem with gayness also not listen to God? How many of them run from relationship and being humble and being open and how many of us build this self-protective shell and fail to reach out and do good when it's in our power to do so? I feel so sad about all the energy being spent in the wrong place. I hate that I spent so many years doing that myself and I want so much to head towards truth and not keep going towards being self-righteous and defensive.

That was heavy. Let's talk about Crocs. My dislike of Crocs is intense, and then I saw this and now it’s even more so! Holy mother of God, heeeeeelp!


And this just dear darling Trophy Cupcakes are on the cover of Seattle Magazine. They should actually be on the cover of Time, but maybe that isn't too far off.



Rye said...

I'm touched by your comments on gay marriage and a Christian perspective. Gays, in general, hate religion and the religious because they (we) think it hates us. I don't think anything is black and white and like knowing that there are Christians who have brains and recognize what is a social condition and what is a religious one (in terms of their feelings one way or another toward gay marriage). May I repost?

stephy said...

Yes Rye you absolutely may repost! I'm so happy that you're touched by it because you're one of the most wonderful people I know and I hate that gays (whom I love) think religion hates them...because it basically does. Religion sucks. God is love and love conquers all. xoxoxo

Jona said...

Gah! It's like Uggs and Crocs had a monster baby!!!