Wednesday, October 8, 2008

look at this email i got today

I got this today from my friend from high school. He doesn't understand how I could like Barack Obama.

"I'm worried about you Stephanie. I love you and I'm worried. I think you are missing Jesus too. Please know that I'm a horrible disgusting person and I'm not saying you should do anything like me. I'm saying you have been placed on my heart and I love you dearly."


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need more of THE ROOM!! We got our package today and burst out laughing. You guys are certainly in our hearts.

stephy said...

Yay! Did you get to watch it yet? If you burst out laughing maybe you did, but then, that cover is enough to crack me up.

Team Wolfisaki said...

i save this for special occassions only, but: WTF?