Friday, October 10, 2008

therapist aka TheRapist

Is it kosher to share my counselor's website? I'm not violating any kind of privacy code, am I? I don't think I am and I wanted to share it. She finally got her site up, you might be interested in what she says about her philosophy. Or you may not be that interested, no it is. Let me know if I'm being unethical sharing this somehow, I really don't think I am but I'll take this down if someone hollers.


Jamie said...

Generally if someone doesn't want anyone looking at their business philosophy, they don't get a web page. I think your safe. Though now all of your stalkers know where you go for maybe your not safe...hmmmmmm

Rach said...

Do you feel comfortable saying what you attend therapy for?

Jojoellen said...

how come you call your therapist theRapist? i am confused? and wondeirng.

P.s. if they didnt want their info out there they wouldnt have a website. my therapist has a website and i can look at it anytime i want no worries thats what its there for
:O) joellen

stephy said...

I just meant that I wonder if it's somehow unethical for me to post the link and say that I work with her when I've already talked about her here on the blog...I don't think she doesn't want anyone seeing her business philosophy. I just mean my announcing my connection to her.
I attend therapy as a result of living on this planet and the regular shit you have to deal with as a result of just being alive, I guess.
I call her TheRapist b/c that was a joke on Saturday Night Live once on a Jeopardy sketch and now I can't type that word without thinking of it..

Jojoellen said...

ohhh ok.. i guess its a had to be there been there seen it. .. you will have to let me know if i can see that SNL skit it would be funny to watch i am sure. :O