Wednesday, October 8, 2008

go away, bowling. go away!

"I hate to bowl and it hurts my arm. Seriously I have heard this repeatedly from my coworkers: "What do you MEAN you're not going to bowl?? Carrie, you HAVE to bowl! It's going to be so fun! Bowl with us!!!!" Jesus. I just wanna go play video games."
"I hate bowling TOO! It's NOT FUN at ALL! It hurts, just like volleyball does."
"Bowling is a combo of so many awful things:
-awkward positioning of ass for all to see
-constant anticipation of upcoming turn
-slippery ill-fitting shoes
-assholes who have been good at these kinds of things all their lives delighting in your ineptitude
-pressure to do entertaining victory dances
-discomfort for the frail of arm, that strong-armed people do not understand or tolerate
-general existential angst

Good things about bowling:
-clonking sounds
-making up funny names for people on scoreboard
-fun neon lights


Jojoellen said...

not to mention theshoes used over and over and srpayed with lysol

melkytown said...

...and sticking your fingers into a bowling bowl from who-knows-where......oh my.

Snap to it! Sanp in time! said...

BOO! You are all no fun. So I won't invite you to the First Semiannual Tommy Wiseau Invitational Bowling Exhibition and Tournament of Champions! next week then?